Sunday, 14 December 2008

Congratulations Lena and Brett!

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending a long time School friend's Engagement party.
Not only did I get to enjoy the party- I was once again "Cake girl" bringing the cake along with me. I love getting to make cakes for people I know- generally it means that the design is left to me- which has its good and bad points- but ultimately I get to use my creativity!
I sent Lena and Brett through a heap of images to see what sort of direction they were headed in- with regards to the cake. As the party was being held outside- and the weather was predicted for the mid 30's- There were some definite designs that would not work ( well if I wanted them to stay in one piece!). Lena and Brett wanted a "surprise" on the day- but had hinted that they thought the idea of the Engaged toilet door symbol was quite funny!

I wasn't quite sure if they were truly serious- so just in case I made a 2 part design. The base layer was a double stacked cake- iced in white plastic icing- which had their names simply hand painted onto the front.

A trail of mixed sized hearts connected the two names around the cake.
Painting is not my forte- but I really wanted to improve my technique- so with this opportunity right in front of me- I grabbed it it with both hands.
The simple Black and white design was fun yet elegant.
I made the "engaged" sign separately- so that I could either mount it when I got there- or leave it beside the cake if need be.

The engaged symbol was painted in edible antique silver- and looked rather cute indeed!

I should have known Lena better to know that the sign was right up her alley- so as soon as I got there the "engaged" part of the cake was promptly attached! A definite talking point for sure. Despite my usual extroverted personality- having 80+ people all of a sudden talking about you and pointing is rather embarrassing ;) - so there began my role as "cake girl" for the afternoon.

After a couple of hours braving the Brisbane heat- it was time to cut the cake!!!
The kids had been circling it all afternoon- waiting to see if the "sign" was really cake!

Brett and Lena's family made some beautiful speeches- which made me think how we should tell each other more often just how wonderful they are- instead of only on special occasions.

Speeches aside- it was down to business- Cutting the cake! I often get asked if it upsets me to see my cake in pieces- but really it is quite the opposite. I love seeing someone cut into the cake and enjoy it for its taste as well as its looks.

Brett and Lena were getting right into the swing of posing for every family member and friend for the ceremonial cutting- and they were more than happy to oblige me too!

Lena's eldest sister Nicole (such a warm and lovely person) took on the duty of cutting and serving the cake- not phased at all by the sudden swarm of eager guests.

Nicole was a professional!

I had separated the two base cakes with a thin board- and when this was removed- it took a layer of the ganache icing with it!

Two of Lena's nieces ( Lily- Grace and Sophie) were first in to secure the chocolaty goodness- and gobble it up with a spoon! Waste not want not!

My best friend form school (Tanya) had her two fabulous kids there too! Hayley and Liam were eager to have their piccie taken too!

Thanks very much to Lena an dd Brett for a fabulous day- and a Special thank you to Maria- Lena's Mum- for a wonderful afternoon- you did a fabulous job!
Looking forward to the Wedding in April.....
Now onto the next cake design!
Any ideas??

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