Sunday, 30 November 2008

A load of colour

Catching up on posts isn't always a bad thing- It means I get to look back on what I have done and see how cool some of the designs were.

I had another order last week from my great friend Kirsti- for her dads 60th birthday!

I made some cupcakes- in a chocolate white and silver theme- and I think they looked pretty cool!

I also had some clients order a variation of a mini cupcake christening cake I made last November ( that was a mouthful!).

There colour was Sky blue- so with three flavours and three designs- this cake was bright and bubbly for their barefoot bowls reception at the Yeronga Bowls club! I hear that their guests had a fabulous evening- and they did too!

I really love the instant feedback that I get from my Cupcake clients. I see them ( or a family member/friend) in the days after the wedding when they return the stand. I am always surprised to hear from clients so soon after their weddings- and last week I had the next 3 couples all send me thank you emails- it is so nice to hear back immediately after the wedding!

This next cake is the BIGGEST cupcake tower I have made. Complete with 170 cupcakes- it stood 7 tiers high- and the top cake had extended chocolate chards on top!

It was being ogled by the visitors to the venue whilst I was setting it up too!

Plain and simple this next butter iced cake made its way safely to Twin Waters on one of the awful 33Deg C days we had last weekend!

The theme of the wedding was orange and pink organza- so each tier had the ribbons wrapped around- to tie in nicely.

The next cake was all about the Gold! A theme of gold and white- with a whimsical twist on tradition.

Although this design is not in a style that I create very often- it was a refreshing change to create something a little different.

Last but not least is a design that I do make regularly- with the piped icing pearls hand painted in a champagne coloured lustre- this cake was so pretty.

Painting each little pearl was a painstaking task- but well worth it in the end.

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