Saturday, 1 November 2008

Blown Away!!!!!!!!!!

I am blessed to work with some truly magnificent clients!
I really appreciate the part I play in a Wedding day- and am more than overwhelmed when I receive such fabulous feedback from my clients.
This week has been a real "Thank you!" week. I have received so much feedback this week- if I wasn't who I am- I would rename myself the Brisbane cake Aficionado! ;)
Only joking!
But It really does make my day hearing such wonderful thanks from my clients for the very small part I played in their special day!

Amongst the Thanks this week- was some fabulous photos form Carly and Dominic- who had the "Chocolate Mountain cake" on September 13th!

These fabulous shots were taken by Nick Murray!

A stunning couple for an equally stunning cake!;) If I do say so Myself!

Carly and Dom wrote:
".....Thank you again for the most amazing wedding cake we have ever seen!! We absolutely loved it and it is still one of the main things everyone mentions from a wedding that was packed full of surprises so it definitely must have made an impression!!

Congratulations Carly And Dom!

A HUGE thank you to all of my past clients who constantly brighten my day with kind words of thanks and appreciation! I really treasure the hand written cards- emails and personal phone calls to hear your feedback!

From a girl who simply loves to make cakes!

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