Sunday, 30 November 2008


WOW- How time Flies! I cannot believe that it is 2 weeks since my last post! I have so much to catch you all up on ;)
So the last time I had a chance to post- I was heading out to Dayboro to set up a funky little cherry blossom cupcake tower.
Pale pink iced cupcakes- with a little cherry blossom detail on top of each cake.

The top tier was an extension of the cupcakes- complete with a bride and groom topper- and the poor groom had a broken leg!

Even with the broken leg- the wedding went ahead! And to think some couples stress over the tiniest things- a broken leg is pretty major- but it was on with the show! Not only did the Bride and Groom have the inconvenience of a broken leg- The biggest storm in mire than 25 years hit Brisbane the afternoon they were married!

I had another Monday wedding a couple of weeks back. It was the day after the big storm. Held over on Moreton Island.

A simple three tier Butter iced cake- with fresh white blooms. Simple relaxed- yet elegant.

The bride and Groom were married on the beach- so there toppers were complete with the groom in his wedding thongs! Too cute.

I was lucky enough to not get any damage- or lengthy power outages as a result of the storm. My family were not so lucky- losing trees and being without power for days ( my grandmother was even without power for a week!- It seems a 75 year old woman living on her own is not a priority???)

With the clean up in the effected areas still ongoing 2 weeks later- the reminder of the extreme weather is still evident.

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