Monday, 10 November 2008

2008 top 10!

I can't belive this year is almost over!
I would love to hear from you as to what cake you think has been the best from this year! Simply leave your comment on this post- or email me the picture form my blog!
Vote early and vote often!

Is it your wedding cake- or someone you know- or even your dream cake! Let me know which cake you would like to vote for by the 24th December and I will post the results by New years eve!

I have been lucky enough to create some really amazing cakes this year- which one is your favourite??


Kate said...

I vote for the Traveller Cake from March of this year - it is totally off the planet!!!!

Emma Tonkin said...

The mountain of chocolate.... mmmmmmm looks sooooo yum!

RebeccaK said...

I vote for the cake you made for us of course - Velvet Darling!

The Cake Maker said...

How could anyone choose just one cake from your collection???

Hmmm I'll have to get back to you on that one!

Carly & Dom Hammersley said...

Hi Sarah-Jane,
No prizes for guessing which one we're going to vote for... our chocolate mountain cake of course!! We're already brainstorming ideas for our *hypothetical* children's christening cakes based on the design :-) We were devastated when we finished the last pieces we had leftover from the wedding... sooo yummy!!
Carly & Dom

Rachel said...

I like the cake with the groom wearing a kilt the best, I believe it was the middle of June.

My second favorite (can I pick 2?) is the square 2 tiered cake iced in Lindt chocolate and with fresh pick flowers.

Really, though all your cakes are so nice so it is hard to pick a favorite.

Kate said...

I have to add a couple more to the top ten. I think Super Mario definately deserves to be on the list as well as Angela's 30th cake and the Feather cake.

Angie said...

yep, definitely my 30th cake - not biased or anything lol!

Thea Smith said...

The white chocolate mountain with white roses........stunning!!

Gem & Simon Gale said...

my wedding cake of course!! three tiered choc mud, white mud and fruit cake with personalised ribbon and fresh gerberas.

Cant wait to have an excuse to get another cake made by you!!