Sunday, 9 November 2008

From Customs house to Canberra!

This week I not only did cakes for Weddings in Brisbane- I even sent a cake to Bribie Island ( for those of you reading this outside of Queensland/Australia- Bribie is as exotic as it sounds ;)) a cake to the Gold Coast for a christening and even a two tier Chocolate creation to Canberra!!!

The cake sent to our nations capitol was ordered by a great friend of mine- Kirsti- for a joint 60th Birthday bash! It has been so hot here in Brisbane- so sending a chocolate cake to Canberra- where the temperature is still quite mild- was a safe bet!

The cake had a Dark chocolate and raspberry base ( surrounded by dark chocolate chards) and then the top was a white raspberry mud (with white chocolate chards)- then fresh Strawberries and raspberries filled the channels and top- with exploding stars and a chocolate "60" to complete the design. When I was putting the cake together- the American election came to mind with all the red and blue- not intentionally - just coincidentally!

The next cake to leave was a christening cake! A square version of the popular round design I have been making for a few years now.

I made the hearts on this one smaller and placed them randomly on the walls of the tier- just to be a little different.

A friend (Sam) of my sister asked me to make this next cake for her cousin. This cake was taken up to a private home on Bribie Island for Sam's cousin Lynda's wedding!

Three tiers- with each slightly offset from the base. Double banding of ribbon wraps around each tier.Fresh flowers were added to finish this design.

This next cake is very cute indeed! With a pink heart theme- it matched in perfectly.

The hearts were three different shades of pink- and a heart explosion in matching pinks came out from behind the topper.

The next cake is one example of how beautiful needn't be fussy.

Iced in a whipped Lindt chocolate ganache ( which I can honestly say tasted fabulous- because I couldn't stop eating it!!) applied with a soft palette finish- and fresh blooms to match the bridal bouquets to finish. No ribbons no fuss- just " wanna run your finger through the icing and lick it!" goodness!

I seem to be getting orders for the same design on a regular basis lately!
This week I had two Brush embroidery cakes- one in a black and white theme- the other in a gold red and white theme.
Both fabulous in their own right.

The first one was for a wedding at the Royal on the park.

I ran a wide ring of red rose petals around the cake on the table- it looked so lush and romantic!
The twin design was for a wedding being held today ta the Downtown Rugby club.

I used Grosgrain black ribbon to give another element of texture to this cake.
Fresh peonies ( from Bliss floral) Will be placed onto the top before the reception begins tonight!

I had fresh flowers galore this week!
The next ever so pretty design has a trail of fresh orchids (

supplied by Jenny at Floriginality) coming down the cake. I couldn't stop looking at this cake- so beautiful, elegant and soft. The pink touches on the Singapore orchids bought out the warmth of the ivory icing. Its beauty melded well with the reception at Customs house.

Last but not least is a cake I have recreated no less than 3 times for a Wedding at Sirromet!
While I have made this design countless times- it amazes me how so many clients have chosen this cake for the same venue.
With a double barrel base- and single top tier- wired silver pearls are wrapped around the base- and fresh flowers cover the top and are clustered to the side.

Mellita from Wedding Stems had left me a gorgeous assortment of antique roses- freesias- and Singapore orchids to decorate the cake with! The wedding was held in the Barrel hall- and despite the low light I managed to get one photo I liked.

This week I have battled the heat and the rain- had my own private Melbourne cup celebrations- in amongst working and seeing clients- and still managed to end up with some fabulous cakes!
My Friday ende on a sour note- with the web designer I had been working with for more than 6 months on my new website- pulling out on me. To say I am disappointed is an understatement- the site was so close to completion- that beginning again seems like allot of time wasted.
I hope to be able to bring a new Cake That! website to life by the end of the year!
Any takers???


Kelly said...

They're all so exquisite! I espcially like the christening cake with the little hearts and booties (are those the ones that melted?) and that close-up of the brush embroidery is beautiful (I'd love to learn how to do that!)

Sarah-Jane said...

Yes Kelly - These are the Bootees I did twice because of the rain.

Kahlee said...

I may be able to help out with the website design?

Kahlee xo

Sarah-Jane said...

Thank Kahlee!
You can send me an email if you are interested- and let me know about it.