Saturday, 8 November 2008

What happened to this week????????????

I can't believe it is Saturday already! And I haven''t told you all about the fantastic cakes I got to make last week!
This wedding season I have had cakes every Friday Saturday and Sunday.
So last Friday- I had a cupcake tower at Era Bistro! Fabulous looking restaurant- I am sure to be back there to eat and sample toe great looking menu soon!
Anyway- the cake was a cupcake tower! Chocolate on chocolate! YUM!As I was finishing setting up- one of the staff there was lovely enough to have recognised me (and my business) from a previous job she had worked at! Citing that she had sampled my cupcakes before- and that they were " the best" she had ever eaten! AWW Shucks!!

The tittle for last weeks cake blog should really be " Around SEQ in 7 hours!" because I spent 7 hours last Saturday delivering cakes all the way from Marburg to Marcoola.
My first delivery for Saturday was out to Marburg- to the gorgeous "Woodlands of Marburg".
I was referred by the Wonderful Toni Snell to make Donna and Tony's cake! A cute tower of cupcakes in Pale pink and Pale Green.
Not only did Toni Snell take the ( what I imagine will be) stunning wedding photo's, the vivacious Anne Campbell was the celebrant!
I get to meet some really fabulous people in this industry- and it is really nice to be able to cross paths on a regular basis. Seeing as I was in and out like a flash- and far too early to see Anne and Toni on the day- I left them both a little surprise box of cupcakes! From their kind messages I am gathering they enjoyed them ;))

Last Saturday was H O T HOT! and as we left Marburg- the Temperature gauge in my car told me that it was already 33.5degC at close to 11am!
Air conditioning isn't a luxury in this job- it is an absolute MUST! So with the Air conditioning on overdrive- I set out to deliver the rest of the cakes!

This next design really was a last minute finish- not the cake itself- just the design. I pride myself on the ability to be flexible when it comes to making your final design decision. Just so long as I have the time to make the cake- whenever my clients are ready to decide- I am ready too! I found out the design for this cake only a week before the wedding- and although it was also getting fresh flowers- I think it is so pretty! The brief was " random swirls with some hearts- but not all hearts- and all ivory" so this is what I came up with!

I cannot wait to see the cake with its fresh flowers in place too!

The detail up close. Tiny icing pearls around the base of the ribbon were added to soften the design.

The next cakes colours were the epitome of "Cake That"! I love pink- so this cake ticked all the boxes for me!
A cherry blossom design with a twist. Instead of a Bride and groom standing on top of the cake- Two little "Blossom Trees" in the wedding colour Antique silver- stood on top.

White blossoms floated down the cake- which graduated from Ice pink through to Candy pink at the base!

The blossoms on the trees were dusted a soft pink- just to blend in with the theme.
The entire cake was lustered with "snowflake" a translucent pearl effect- that made it sparkle!

After the first cake run- it was quickly back to base to collect the next cake- and take it up to Marcoola.
I love the Sunshine Coast! But when you have to drive up there and then turn around and come straight back home- it is a bit of a tease!
The cake was taken up to the Surfair at Marcoola!

Another Chocolate on Chocolate on Chocolate design! this cake smelt absolutely divine!
After the cake was delivered- it was already after 2pm! A quick bite at the Coolum Bakery- before heading back into Brisbane.
I was lucky enough to go to Ecco for a friends birthday dinner that night-and had to be at dinner at 6pm- so there was no time to stay on the coast :(

I was up early on Sunday- getting ready for the last two cakes of the week!
The first was a sparkling cupcake tower!
Silver paper and cachous- and a sweet silver and diamante buckle for the top tier!

This six tier stand had 90 cupcakes in three different flavours! An edible silver heart on top of each cake too! Gorgeous!

Last but not least was this elegant two tier cake.
Plain iced with a black Grosgrain ribbon wrapped around the base of each tier- and two fresh Peonies( the first of the season!!!) sitting on the edge of the base tier! So elegant!

The flowers to the Restaurant where the reception was held were AMAZING! absolutely picture perfect!

Well it is now 6.30am! I was crazy enough to be up at 5am- so at least I have managed to type my blog!
Another long day of deliveries! Fingers crossed the temperature doesn't get too high again today!


Donna & Tony said...

Our cake was gorgeous Sarah-Jane! We got so many comments about how delicious the cupcakes were. There was even bit of an argument over who took the leftover ones home.

Thank-you for the fantastic job you did on it!

Sarah-Jane said...

Hi Donna and Tony!
Thank you for choosing me to make your cake!
I can't wait to see how fabulous you both looked on you wedding day!