Monday, 27 October 2008

Queensland-Beautiful one day......Hailing the next!!!!!!!!!

Well as the tittle says- Saturday began so beautiful- but when I went to deliver the mini cakes- I had to stop for nearly 20minutes worth of hail! Did I mention that my car had just been detailed????

Anyway- Cakes, Car and Cake decorator were all fine!
I will start with the mini cakes then!
These cute little cakes may look sweet- but to most decorators they are the devils work! As small as they may seem- it is really much harder to ice and way more time consuming than a regular cake. I always love the finished product- but getting there almost drives me mad!

Each little cake had a hand painted silver "N" and a purple "P" on top for Nicole and Peter!
With 60 of these little cakes filling this 5 tier stand- it did look great in the room!

This weekend gone- not only did I have Friday- Saturday and Sunday Weddings- I even have a wedding today- over on Stradbroke Island!
I have sent a cake to Stradbroke every week for the past month and a bit! Each time the cakes have been collected- but maybe I should get a boat- so I can take them over myself?? ;)

This cake had a carved top tier- so that it was on an angel ( the top tier was also Gluten free dark chocolate raspberry- YUM!!) with white chocolate chards around the edges of the tier.

My week started early with the next cake being collected on Thursday Afternoon.
This four tier cake was delicate and pretty. The draping that was on each tier was requested by the clients to not have "Structured" pleats. This was a hard ask- seeing as though I have now trained myself in the art of the perfectly pleated drape ( if I do say so myself).

With piping detail under each drape- and the centers of the ivory roses dusted a soft pink- this cake was romantic and elegant.

My other Friday wedding was at Snug Harbour. This three tier cake decorated with smooth and level white chocolate chards- and fresh flowers.

It was a Perfect day on Friday- the skies were so blue!

I had a wedding on Saturday in the Brisbane room of City Hall- for those of you who have seen it- this stately room has a "mint" green colour scheme inside.
The reception was a cocktail one- so cupcakes made for a perfect choice.

A tri colour icing scheme- Cream- Mint and Eucalyptus green butter cream iced into 3 different flavours- Rosewater- choc chip and Peppermint mud. I got to use my black cupcake papers too! Don't they look fabulous!

On Sunday I delivered Twins!!!!!!!!!!!!
I had two couples order the EXACT same design! Now I have had this happen before- but for some reason the cakes have always been for different days- but yesterday was different.

Even though the type of design means that they weren't "identical" twins- I still had to have my wits about me. Under each cake board was the brides maiden name- then when I boxed them I had one in a regular sized box - and the other in a larger box- ( with their corresponding delivery dockets) just to be sure.

The rose petals were also placed at different places over the cake.

I have a round South East Queensland trip again this Saturday- with deliveries as far as Marburg- then all the way up to Marcoola! Be sure to keep and eye out for me zipping about!

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