Friday, 29 August 2008

Cool Green!

I can't believe how fast time flies!
Getting to my blog has been my task all week- and it is now Friday already!!!!

I had a week of wonderful cakes again- with a new favourite popping up! There were colourful cakes, figurines, and even the favourite cupcakes!

The first cake was embellished with gorgeous Swarovski Crystals. As these sparkling additions are inedible- they come with strict instructions to the venue to remove them before serving! I don't want anyone choking or chipping a tooth all in the name of a beautiful cake!
I had to make a call to the bride as I was decorating this cake- as the original design just didn't "fit" the class of the event. So with permission to finish the cake as I saw fit- this was the end result. Originally there was going to be Red and White ribbons on the top- but the contrast between the two made the cake look more "fun" rather than "elegant".

The entire cake was lustered in snowflake- a translucent edible luminous dusting! The end result speaks for itself! Sparkling Beautiful!

The next design is one I have done a few times now! And a few times more to come!I actually have this same design in order for the next 3 weeks too! I will certainly be feeling like I am having Deja Vu!

Iced in Ivory icing, with piped icing pearls filtering up from the base to the top- someone commented that it reminded them of champagne bubbles- and topped off with some ivory sugar roses- this design is certainly shows why it is so popular!

The next cake was for the sister(Brenda) of my past clients Brad and Michelle! Brenda actually booked me in first- being super organised ( I like that!) and then recommended me to her Brother!
Brenda's choice of cake was nothing short of sweet! Simply pretty!

I don't often get requests for cakes that have pillars between- but his design is a fine example of how lovely they can be. Pale pink and white were the wedding colous, and when I trurned up to the Summit to deliver the cake- the room was dressed stunningly! Yalana- the super friendly, and always organised coordinator- had the cake table ready for me with a ring of rose petals to place the cake into the center of! Brenda had ordered some cartoon figurines from me- and her dress was just gorgeous. It had a pale pink band that ran across the top and then down one side of her gown! Lovely!

The next cake has a big tick in the favourites box! I love the green- I love the style- I love everything! When I was showing this picture to a friend- and saying that I think that this cake is my favourite for the week- their response was " is this because it is exactly like your weddings cake? but in a different colour?" Woops I had forgotten what my cake was like!! LOL!! And whilst it is verysimilar to my design- it is so much better!

I think the classic structure and the simplicity of the design make my love of the traditional cake style come to life!

After my city run- I headed out to " The Wood;ands of Marburg".
Whilst I had around 6 cakes out there last year- every single oine of them was collected by the couple- and driven out there themselves! So this was my frst actual trip out there!
What a fabulous venue!!!! The Mansion and grounds are picture perfect- and the staff lovely too!If you haven't had the chance to go out there- it is definitely worth the trip. Only 45 minutes drive from the City- this Historic Mansion has warmth, charm and elegance!
A "shabby chic" style cupcake tower was the cake of choice for this couple!

While the cake is a more traditional style- the colours and decorations on the cake had a romantic feel that blended with the room. The smell of the cupcakes filled the dining room wherethe intimate recptionwas held! Gests could choose to take hom,e ewither a White chocolate and Macadamia cupcake, or a Dark chocolate and Hazelnut cupcake! YUM!!!
I always take a couple extra with me- and offered a few to the receptionists at the venue. I love how excited people get when you offer them a cake! It really is a necessity rather than a leftover- as they need to know what the goods are like- if they are going to recommend my services I say!

Well the long distance deliveries ar in full swing- with Cleveland and Mt Tambourine both on the agenda this Sunday!

Well I am offto finish cake s for this weekend- better get back to it!

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Cherie said...

Once again your cakes are just perfect!
I love the one with the icing pearls, it so simple yet so elegant.
Can't wait till my wedding cupcakes now!