Monday, 11 August 2008

An Auspicious Occasion......

Well it has been drafted as one of the busiest wedding days on record! The 8th day of the 8th month 2008!
I was blessed to make cakes for a few couples who chose to make this date their wedding day! Unlike my preconceived ideas of a day filled with weddings themed all things "Lucky"- my Brides, and Grooms went the more traditional route- when it came to cake design! There were no bright red cakes- nor number "8's" inscribed into the designs- rather simple pretty cakes- that had the "awe" factor! Not just from me- but from the reception coordinators, and passers by- as I set up the cakes!

The first cake I delivered was to the Venice Cafe bar! This place- like I have said time and time before- has the Best view of the city and Story Bridge- and has a wonderful ambience! The Staff there are also wonderfully attentive - and always super organised!

I had a cupcake tree to set up here- I know- not really traditional- but it was very cute!
A cartoon couple sat on top of the top tier, with a chocolate and Ivory themed cupcake tower underneath!

The next stop was at St Lucia University! This is the first time I had delivered a cake to the Uni- and the room was very impressive! Not only had the couple chosen to decorate the room in spectacular fashion- the gold that they used was EXACTLY the same as the gold ribbon I had chosen! Now I always ask my clients for colour samples- but many times they are happy for me to place what I see fit! There are so many shades of gold out there- but this time it couldn't have been more fitting! Even the Event decorators let out a little squeal of excitement when they saw how wonderfully matched the cake was to the other decorations!

I actually went to High school with this bride- and was surprised to see her when she ended up at my home for a consultation! I really hope they had a fabulous wedding too!

The next is a cake I have done many times- over the past 5 years since I first replicated it !
My sister fondly refers to it as Paul and Sam's cake ( my brother and Sister in Law- for whom I first made this style of design) which bought much confusion to the face of the reception coordinator- when she over heard my sister asking if "Paul and Sam's cake" was the one she should help me carry in- as there was no Paul or Sam getting married there that day! LOL!!

Unfortunately though- this cake was ordered wholly via email- so I never got to meet the Bride or Groom :(
After a long trip through Mid afternoon traffic- I arrived across town at Runcorn- for my final delivery of the day!
This cake was simply gorgeous! I know that I have a soft spot for this style of design- but even the champagne coloured roses made me want to take 1000 photos of this cake- before I left it sitting on the cake table at the venue!

My weekend was not over with Friday- I also had a 21st cake- for the Daughter of a long time customer too! Left with a direction of " Pink, Red. Black and Brown stripes on top of a square cake" this is what I came up with! I think it turned out rather fun- and dare I say it- Funky!

Hopefully Natalie had a fabulous 21st Birthday!

With August just as popular a month for weddings as the Spring Months- my rest is now well and truly over- and Cake making in Full Swing! I have some long distance deliveries coming up in the next few weeks- so I will be spending some serious Km's traveling around delivering some fabulous wedding cakes!
I look forward to sharing some really beautiful and creative designs over the coming weeks!

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