Friday, 8 August 2008

What Happens When??????............

.............Your Sick???? This is a question that I get asked quite often from potential clients- and being the type of person who rarely gets ill- on the one occasion prior- I have dealt with it and got the job done!
I actually arrived home here in Brisbane a week ago- however I caught some awful bug from the plane Journey home! I HATE being sick! So much so that I am so determined not to be sick I avoid any situations where I could potentially get sick!
Unfortunately- catching a plane with a few hundred strangers ( if which I swear at least half of them were coughing and spluttering on the 30 hour journey home) was something that I couldn't avoid- If I wanted to get home. I even had some really rude fellow passenger cough and sneeze straight into my face- without even attempting to cover their own mouth/face- who consequently received a most evil look from me!
Knowing that I wasn't feeling "quite right" I sent myself off to the doctors the afternoon I got back- to get myself fixed!
After swallowing more than 40 panadol, , 2 boxes of tissues,a box of Strepsils and lots of care from Steve ;)- I am almost 100% again!
So this week- my first week back - not only did I have to deal with the fact that I am no longer on Holidays- but that I was a bit sick :( and not able to work as fast as what I would have liked to. Suffice to say- the perfectionist in me made sure that every cake I have done for this week is as gorgeous as the usual ones I make in 100% health!
Being 08.08.08 there was a huge demand with allot of couples choosing this auspicious date to get married!
Over the weekend I will post about the cakes I did for this week- with some pictures too!

Thank you to all of those clients who patiently met with me through my croaky voice this week! I am well and truly on the road to recovery!

BTW- to answer the Question- The Job always gets done! Like I had never been sick in the first place! ;)

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