Friday, 8 August 2008

Uk Trip Re cap!

OK- so as I have officially been home for a week now- I have had time to reflect on the fabulous trip that I have just had!
I met some truly talented people- and made friends with many whom I hope will keep in touch!
I cannot believe that it was 4 weeks ago now- when I made it to Edinburgh - after a marathon 50 hours of travel- only to discover the wonderful Edinburgh- that City is awesome!
In my time overseas- not only did I get to do some fantastic cake decorating workshops- I also ate my way through every country I went to!

I enjoyed Thornton's chocolate in Edinburgh ( especially the Sicilian Mousse ones!)- I found my all time favourite Hot Chocolate at Butler's on Grafton St in Dublin- I sampled a chocolate or two- from Godiva in Belgium, not to mention Chocolpolis, Mary De Bruges, Neuhaus, Mary Chocolateir....... the list could go on and on! ( to be perfectly honest- I ate so many chocolates from so many different chocolateirs- it is no wonder that I put on 2kg whilst I was away!)

I Spent a whirlwind weekend in London- that included my 2 day workshop with Alan Dunn- who not only taught me the wonders of working in Cold porcelain- but also had his close friend ( Sathia) give me a lift to the station- so I could make my plane in time- as there were no trains from Farnham that weekend!
I then came back to Scotland- to meet up with the wonderful Jane from Sweet Unique! I am still blown away by how well we "clicked"! I actually met up with Jane again on my last day of holidays- Just hours before I flew home- and shared some more stories, and got to eat some of Jane's fabulous cake! I also got to see her cake studio- which has inspired me to make some more display cakes for my meeting room!
My trip then progressed to my two day workshop with the fabulous Lorraine McKay! Another lady who I will never forget- and hopefully will see again next year when she comes out to Australia!
After my course with Lorraine- I was off to Ireland- and WOW! What a fabulous place! The people, the food- especially the local produce around Co. Waterford/Cork! I tried Guinness , and also reminded myself what Baileys was like too!
I saw Castles, met locals, and ate traditional Irish staples- like Soda Bread- and Champ!
I then tripped to Belgium, where for a week I indulged in all of the wrong types of foods- but had the time of my life!
The only Rainy day of my trip was one day whilst in Belgium- and then it was only for 1/2 day!

Luckily there was a festival on that day- so I was able to enter a Belgian Beer tent- and in true local style I enjoyed a Cherry Beer. I know it isn't really beer- but it is all I can stomach- when it comes to beer! If only they offered a chocolate beer;)
I went to Antwerpen and resisted the Diamond temptation! I walked the streets, visited the markets, took a canal cruise- then as it was a hot day- Joined the locals in the Town fountain for a bit of tomfoolery- before heading back to Brussels!

After my week in Belgium- we were destined to not get home on time- after a 5 hour delay with the airline- I was ready to get back to Australia!
After stuffing my bags with all that I was allowed to carry- I headed home from Edinburgh:(

I took this shot down Leith Walk as I headed to the Airport- the "Scotch Mist" at midday across the city gave a real atmosphere to the city!

After my trip home- on the nasty infectious plane- I came home to my niece's 2nd Birthday!
I got up early on Saturday morning and made some teddy bear biscuits for her Teddy Bears picnic party! A rush job- with the biscuits made , baked , decorated and delivered by 10am!
Time has passed so fast this week! It almost feels like ages since I was away!
Thank you to everyone who has read along with my little journey! I hope you enjoyed my stories as much as I did living them!

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