Sunday, 27 April 2008

Lose Ends...

OK- When I prepare a quote for a cake- I offer the option of paying via Direct deposit. This is something that is great for both myself and my clients- but it does have its downfalls.
Even though I tell EVERY client that I see to record their names and NOT "WEDDING CAKE" as the transaction tittle- I still get many people using this as the tittle. 99% of the time- the client realises withing a week or two- after not having received a receipt- and follows up the payment- and I put 2 and 2 together. But I have ( for more than 2 months now) had a large payment made into my account- that I cannot trace. Due to privacy laws the bank cannot tell me who deposited this money- and I have contacted every client with a cake for this much- to which I have had no response. I have also contacted everyone who received a quote around the time of the deposit.
My greatest fear is that this client will call me either the day before or on the day of their wedding asking about their cake- and due to the fact that I have no confirmed order for them- as I could not trace the payment- they will be left without a cake!!!
Hopefully the owner will come forth and I will be able to match the payment with the cake!
Moral of this story is that when using internet banking- make sure you use the transaction tittle stipulated by the recipient!

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