Sunday, 20 April 2008

Number 3

Ok- I know this is my third post for the day- but I can't bring myself to box together all of my thoughts and stories into one entry!

Last but not least- this weeks cakes!
I have had such pretty cakes this week- however some of my photography is substandard!
This week everything was "pretty" soft and traditional- with many of the cakes having soft piping detail.

The first one is and ivory iced cake, with a star Jasmine and vine and dot pattern weaving over the tiers.

The next one- sadly- I cannot claim as my own. It is based on an Original design from Sweet Art in Sydney. Although the cake looks a pale yellow- in my tragic photo- it is actually lustred a soft gold, with a brush embroidery overlay, and sugar roses.

Last but not least- this cake with its pale pink mini roses, and pearls is the epitome of pretty.
Sweet piping detail, and a cute couple for the top! ( Cartoon topper was supplied by the client)

In two days my Blog will be turning 1!! Thank you to all of the 9000+ visitors!

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