Sunday, 20 April 2008

Proxy 30......

This week has been filled with family and close friend's birthdays!
Last night I had the pleasure of attending, and creating a magnificent (if I do say so myself) cake for My sister's Best Friend Angela's 30th Birthday!
Angela has her own online Scrapbooking business- Scrap Relief- so it was no surprise when I received her gorgeous handmade invitation. As soon as I saw the invite- I was determined to make a cake that reflected the invitation design.
So I took the 3D flower design and put it onto the cake- in the theme colours of the party- Red and Purple. This cake looked fantastic! And inside it only got better! A white chocolate Mudcake with Kahlua, and a Dark Chocolate Mudcake with Baileys- Need I say more.
Ange also got me to make up some cupcakes for the kids!!

The light from the candles made the lustered 30 sparkle even more!

Angela and her little boy (Zac) Trying to cut through the separator board!!
It took me a few moments to notice them struggling- then I helped them out!

To celebrate her birthday Angela is having a sale of all of her Scrapbooking products! You can check out her specials on her website and her blog!
The cut cake- all matching with the plates, and table cloths!!

As my sister is Overseas, she wasn't able to make the party- so it was great to be able to celebrate with Ange on her behalf- now this morning I am paying for the over celebration!

Happy Birthday Ange!!!


Guhn said...
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Angie said...

Thanks SJ! The cake was just gorgeous - and very yummy! Pity about the photo of me though lol!