Monday, 31 January 2011

December 2010..........


I think I almost hit panic stations today when I realised that tomorrow will be February- and OMG I haven't even blogged about December 2010 yet!
Call me slack- as seriously I have no idea where January has gone LOL!

I had some super cool cakes in December.
Beginning with this cupcake tree fro an intimate wedding at Mt Mee.

Fitting in with the Black red and white theme- these little dome iced cupcakes complete with initials on each one were super cute indeed!  

 I loved the teeny tiny little heart that separated the couples initials too! 

I had the first of Two Chocolate Mountain creations for December to deliver out to Dayboro.
When I got out to Glengariff the visitors enjoying the site inspection were quite impressed with the cake.
It is always nice to see peoples reactions to your creations. 

Pretty was certainly the theme for December.
This next cake was iced in a very pale pink- with a baroque stencil design and sugar pearls.  

The Client had sourced a ceramic stand to display the cake on. An added touch of beauty.
I had allot of Big cakes in December.
I absolutely Love big cakes- cakes that you can see from across the room- cakes that have presence.

This one had a wrap finish- which was later adorned with flowers from the wedding. 

Having the rear side of the cake present as well as the front is very important- so keeping it tidy I ran a piece of fondant- complete with "buttons" down the back!

A big four tier draping cake with sugar roses was next on the agenda.

A Vintage theme- with crystals hanging from two of the tiers.

The Next Chocolate Mountain cake was for Customs house.
This time with Hot pink roses- it certainly looked wicked!  

I set this cake up on my birthday- so it was a very special delivery indeed!
A friend who came along for the delivery took this cool shot looking down onto the cake.

I hadn't done one of "Martha's Magic" styles for a long while- but in December that all changed.
Delivered for a Wedding at Victoria Park- in the Newly renovated Marquee.

I an certain that I LOVE tall cakes- and lately I have had a stack of clients who also are in love with this style too!
This cake with white on white stencil design- and clustered sugar roses is simply elegant!

 Ting silver cachous in amongst the stencil detail- and strung crystals around the base- added a tasteful amount of bling to finish off his elegant creation.

The last cake for December was a Tomliboos cake.
Before this order I had zero idea about what a Tomliboo was- but now I am well educated!

Well that was my December Favourites.
Almost finished The 2010 blogging

Thanks for Reading

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