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Bronwyn and Josh 17th October 2010

I am pleased to have yet another fantastic couple share their story and details from their wedding day with you.
Bronwyn and Josh had a wicked Mad Hatter for their wedding in October! I hope that you enjoyed the cake as much as I did making it!
All the images in this Blog were taken by the Divine Miranda Greer! Stunning!
So sit back relax and enjoy the Story of Bronwyn and Josh- as told by the beautiful Bride herself!!
 Bronwyn and Josh
Sunday 17th October 2010  

 Josh and I met a few years ago, through mutual friends at the Chalk Hotel. He had a lip piercing at the time, a god awful spear thing, and I cheekily asked him how he kissed girls with it - needless to say, he showed me, and pretty much by the end of the night I knew Josh was someone special. 
We've been together for over 3 years, lived together for almost 2, and travelled overseas to the UK last year. Once we got back, Josh started mumbling about "getting me that ring" and needing to talk to my parents. It took a few more months of waiting (much to my frustration!), but we were engaged in April and our amazing wedding day was October the 17th. 
The wedding day was quite possibly one of the best days of my life. I was surrounded by friends and family, many of whom had traveled interstate for the event and I got to marry Josh. Everything went according to plan, due in part to my OCD planning of the day, and also the fact that our motto for the wedding had been "fun and relaxed" - just like us! 
The big day dawned, and the sun was shining - believe me, in October this was no mean feat - only 48 hours prior had been torrential rain! My bridesmaids had stayed the night with me in the hotel suite, and before long my wonderful hairdresser Michelle, and makeup artist Kate had arrived. People had said to me, the day will fly by, and they were spot on! I had woken up at 7am, and it was almost midday! 
I had spent hours scouring magazines and the Internet for special little touches, to put my stamp on the day. Personalised dress hangers, handmade jewellery and my amazingly wonderful stunning gorgeous button bouquets ( by Lilly Buds) were just a couple of the things that really made the day more special for me.  

Before I knew it my hair was done, my makeup (by Kate Fide) was applied and I was preparing to get into "Lucy" the affectionate nickname I had given my gown. It then started to dawn on me, I was really getting married! My two wonderful bridesmaids Deb and Ali laced me up and it was time for photos. Miranda Greer had been recommended to me via Sarah-Jane's website and she didn't disappoint. Friendly, patient and professional, made all the more impressive by the fact she was 7 1/2 months pregnant at the time! Some shots of me on my own, my mum and dad and the girls, and then it was showtime! I did have enough time to sneak upstairs to the Panorama room, where the reception was being held.  It was getting set up and I was so excited to see Sarah-Jane's exquisite creation, beautifully placed and ready to go!  

The next while after this seemed to pass in a blur. Our gorgeous London taxi cabs arrived to take us to the Broadway Chapel, and as we pulled up I realised all the guests were still outside - the boys were having their shots in the chapel and were running overtime - posers! Everyone started to file in and i had a couple of minutes to compose myself  - not that I was nervous about getting married, i had just had too many nightmares about tripping over while walking down the aisle! 

The music changed, my dad looked at me and i knew it was time to get going. I emerged from around the corner, and although i could sense everyone looking at me (and a whole lotta camera flashes going off!) all i could see was Josh - he looked so excited, and nervous and happy, all at once.  


Our ceremony was short, sweet and very personal to us - our celebrant Elizabeth talked about our lives together so far, included our families (we had our ceremony streamed online to my family in the UK!) and involved a few nicknames and in jokes that got plenty of chuckles. Then with a word or two, a ring on the finger and a big smooch we were man and wife!  

Off for some photos around Southbank, and then to the Urban for our reception. We forwent a DJ/Band for an ipod, and for entertainment hired a photobooth which kept the guests entertained and provided lots of amusing memories the next morning!  

Speeches again, were short and sweet, as was our first dance together - Josh doesn't like to dance and i had been too busy all week to practice the steps! The thing I remember about our reception was how much fun it was - being surrounded by our loved ones and celebrating the first day of our lives together.
Phew - what a rundown! My find words are of advice to the soon-to-be-married couple
               - Personalise the day to the two of you. Decide on what is important to you and what isn't - don't compare your wedding to other people's
               - Being organised in advance makes for a relaxed wedding day
              - Get recommendations from vendors about other services that you're not sure about - they only work with the best!

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