Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Hello Beautiful ;)

Helloooooooooooooooooooooo! Happy New Year and all that Jazz! No I haven't fallen off the planet- Just been flat out- and with only a very short break over the Xmas New Year period- unfortunately keeping up with the blog had fallen by the wayside- whoops!
I am VERY EXCITED to share the cakes from the first week in November with you all though.
I am sure you have listened to me babble on about how much I love the cakes my clients choose- but when you are well and truly in the thick of "Wedding season" all the gorgeous designs is what keeps you going.

It was a cracker weekend- the very first cake- whilst it was really a blank canvas on my end- the absolutely stunning Flowers by the brides florist turned what was something simple ( but ultimately divine tasting) into a stunning romantic cake.  

I was also really impressed with the Florists preparation of the blooms.
So often - although I stipulate specific terms with fresh flowers- I arrive at venues to find unprepared flowers- which make placement onto the cake more than difficult.
These blooms were wired and taped gorgeously!

The next cake is the epitome of what I class as the ultimate classic timeless- so gorgeous you want to hug it- wedding cake!

 Three Extended height tiers of rich Fruit cake (YUM!!) iced in Ivory fondant- with white fondant lace over the tiers- all topped off with  Handmade large open sugar roses on top. 

 With all the fruit cake inside- this cake weighed a tonne- but well worth it for the beauty.

The passed out husband- or "Bride in Waiting" cake once again was a popular choice this week.

 I only wished that I had have shot it on a white background so that you could see the gorgeous black bedhead. 

It is very rarely that I get the opportunity to make Christening cakes. But this sweet baby's cake was a twist on a couple of past cakes I had made before.

I was also excited as I got to use a new Embosser on the baby's blanket too.

I certainly had allot of Big cakes this week- and the next Butter cream design was simply stunning!
White and cream roses and Singapore Orchids- trailing whimsically over the cake.
 A single base- double mid tier and Single top tier- all iced with vertical palette markings- elongating the design even further.

So pretty I have it as my phone screen saver :-O

Nuts about Chocolate????
This next chocolate creation- with White chocolate chards inlaid with Dark chocolate swirls - and a heap of shavings in the channels....

Could a chocoholic ask for more???

I had some gorgeous cupcakes for the Powerhouse too!
I love this venue- and not because it is where my BIL and his wife got married a few years back- but because it is eclectic and still romantic.

As well as being commissioned to create the above cakes- I also was blessed to once again be part of the Brothers and Sisters Oncology Day- where I spent the afternoon watching the kids have a blast icing and decorating close to 200 cupcakes.
I have learned over the last few years that children are not professional decorators- and perfect butter cream swirls and complimentary colours don't mean squat when it is all about fun!
So now I am honored to supply a huge array of decorations and simply let them "go for it"

This year I had Pirates and Fairies- as well as Christmas decorations, a bucket load of sprinkles and lollies- and with 14 or so kids decorating cakes for themselves- the patients and hospital staff......
Here's what they came up with!!!

The Lovely Amanda from the RBCH

There wasn't much left at the end either...........

A Huge THANK YOU to the Turner and Banksia Wards for once again inviting me to be apart of your special day!
Looking forward to next time

Thanks for Reading and Happy 2011

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