Tuesday, 15 February 2011

2010 the year that was!

The end of the year is always special to me- not because it means I get to take a short break and spend time with Friends and Family- and not because it is My birthday and Christmas all in the same week- but because it is when I get a chance to look back and see what awesome clients I have had over the year and what truly stunning cakes they have had me make!

Whilst for many December is a month where things slowly come to a close- in my world it is all go- then stop!
Jam packing every second into every day could easily be my mantra. This was certainly the case when I received a call on Friday in December asking if I had a few minutes spare to answer some questions about Cakes and Cake decorating trends.
Without being flippant about it- I have fielded these types of calls on may occasions- and whilst I heard the words "Brisbane News" I wasn't certain if this was indeed a serious piece or whether or not the journalist was just after some "fluff" for an article she was creating.
To my delight- and subsequent surprise- this little "chat" was for real- a story about cakes- Designer Cakes- and they were asking ME! But that was no where near the best bit either.......... after confirming details with editor I was told a Photographer would contact me in regards to an image for the piece. Well someone did contact me- and not for just some picture- but to ask if I could please submit two cakes (the very next morning) to be shot as.........................

THE COVER IMAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG- were they serious??? Little SJ form Cake That! getting one of her cakes on the cover of a stylish magazine! You bet :)

So after running around like a crazed cake lady- calling my cake bestie Karen from KVW cakes to run through ideas (and calm me down) I managed to pull off Two pretty smashing cakes- If I do say so myself.
There was a brief- a cake that I thought was the way cake fashion is trending and the photographer also requested a textured cake.

Low and Behold I managed to make both- and after spending a ridiculous amount of time on my Black and White beauty... the photographer flipped out for the Textured one. Don't get me wrong- that cake was awesome too- and most probably far more appealing to most- but I Loved the Black and white one too!
My Mum came with me to the cake shoot- I honestly thought it would be a 10 minute in and out kind of session- but perfection takes time- and after the lovely Courier Mail Photographer ooohed and Aaahed over the cakes and took a bucket load of shots- I was amazed that over 1.5 hours had passed by. Cake Models can be temperamental LOL!

The turn around was super fast! About days after the shoot- there she was.......

My Cover girl!!!!!! Pretty isn't she!

Although my mug didn't make it inside-two more of my recent cakes did- which was just the cream on top!
The Mag came out a few days before my birthday which was just lovely!
This year I had the most surprising birthday ever - and not just because of the magazine- but because one of my sisters organised a surprise birthday party for me!
For my friends and family that know me well know I never miss a trick- but somehow this time was a complete success......... I was shocked to turn up at a restaurant and see 30 of my closest family and friends shouting "SURPRISE"!! I was in a dream like state- I couldn't believe it!
And of course a birthday isn't complete without a cake- My mum had created a wicked ice cream cake- with Oreos Chocolate and even peanut butter mixed in (my fave ice cream is Baskins Choc peanut butter)- DELISH!!!!!!! I feel so very humbled by my magnificent family and friends. My family especially who help me week in week out without question nor want of reward- and then I get such a fantastic surprise- You are all the best!

So with my Birthday out of the way it was time for my second annual Cake That! Xmas Cracker!! I am blessed to know and work alongside some of the best in the Brisbane Wedding industry. Without them and their support My business would not be half the success it is today.
As a small token of my thanks I invited some colleagues to come over for an evening of Fabulous food and Drinks- to unwind and reflect on the year that was.
I know I had a great time- and I hope that that my guests did too! 

With such a busy end to the year I had my great friend Natalie from Dux Gutz Catering make and theme the menu for the night... not a single crumb left.
Natalie Wowed my guests with deliciousness such as  Duck Salads- Chermoula Spiced Lamb on braised lentils- Warm roast veg tartlets...... and so so much more.

Of course there was a Christmas Cocktail menu- and if I do say so myself- the Spicy Tart rocked- a gorgeous blend of Pear Absolut  and Spiced Sugar Syrup- created a cocktail that tasted almost like a pear and apple pie mmmmmmmmm.

Being all about cake- of course there was something sweet!
I LOVE creating Lolly Buffets- since my sister Alex' 21st I have been hooked- and each one has to be different to the last.
This year my vision was for a White chocolate Rocky road Xmas tree cake center piece! After loaning a meter (plus) high Croquembouche cone from my friend Amanda from Deliberately Delicious- I set about the mammoth task! 

To create the Rocky Road "tree" took over 5kg Marshmallows- 8KG white chocolate- Coconut, Jubes and Jellies- not to mention all the fondant used to decorate this monster- it weighed a tonne!

I modelled some cute little elves over the "tree" This one in particular has a special place in my heart!

I couldn't forget to make actual "Cake" so I had made Xmas themed cupcakes too!

Thank you to everyone who came and made the night extra special!   

Nigel and Justina from NKN Photography Jennine Florabella Design  Sandee Always Fabulous Flowers   

It may have rained buckets and created a river in my backyard- but it was allot of fun.

The vivacious Anne Campbell from Anne Campbell Weddings  Lisa Clark from Lisa Clark Photography Ben Clark Ben Clark Photography and Debbie Thomas from St Photography

Thank you to everyone who came and made it a fabulous night!

Well that was 2010!
So far 2011 has bee a ripper- and I look forward to sharing this with you soon!

Thanks for reading

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