Sunday, 13 January 2008

Late Entries....

With every cake I make- there is always a story. I could spend as much time typing out the stories, as I do creating the cakes- literally- as I am not a very fast typist!
But this week I have some great stories to tell!
Firstly, being a Cake decorator- who prodominately makes wedding cakes, I take the fact that I may only get to make one cake for my clients very seriously. I am always honoured when clients return to me for the other "special" occasions in their lives (birthdays Christenings etc..).
This week I had the pleasure of creating a 40th Birthday cake for one of my previous clients- back in 2006 I created her and her husband's wedding cake, they lived in FNQ at the time, so all of the arrangements were done by email and phone. This time around they are living in Brisbane, so even with the fact that I have never personally met them, once again- through email- a cake was ordered and delivered to their venue- without the chance of a meeting! I am sure that Tanya had a great night last night- and wish her a Very Happy 40th Birthday!

Cupcakes are definitely in at the moment- whether they are for birthdays, or weddings they can be themed as fun or as romantic as you need. This next design was all about romance.
With a deep red and cream theme, this couple hit the nail on the head! Simple cupcakes (a mixture of berry swirl , and dark chocolate and raspberry) baked into red papers, with butter cream icing. A top tier decorated in fresh roses. When I met with the clients they wanted to have roses all throughout the stand, but due to budget restrictions, opted to have them only on the top. I was delighted when I went to collect the roses, that they were a variety, that opened beautifully, and were so velvety in texture, that I just had to grab an extra bunch, and give them the cake of their dreams. So I created the original design as a surprise, complete with fresh rose petals around the base. If only my photography was better, and I could do the end result justice!

The next couple of cakes, are the subject of this blog entries tittle.
As a general rule- I am fully booked more than 2 months in advance, however, being January, and wedding season slowing down (a little), I was able to take on some late notice cakes! I hate having to say " I am sorry, but I am fully booked", and love it when I can help people pit at the last minute. Living in a time poor society, doesn't help when you forget to order something well in advance.
The first is a Wedding cake, for today!!! Being an intimate wedding for 30 people, I could fit in this simple cupcake design. Vanilla butter cakes, and Butter cream icing!!! When you open the box, the smell is divine- even the Bride to Be doubted whether or not they would all make it to the reception, when she cake to collect them!

The next was a birthday cake for a little girl!! Her mum organised her cake with me on Wednesday!! She was planning a Hawaiian themed party for her daughter's 6th birthday- and was in need of a cake (of course)! They say great minds think alike, so as I was awaiting an email with pictures of the ideas she was emailing me- I too was jotting down designs- I thought a six year old would love! We both had the idea of a hula girl!! In the end it was so cute! My god daughters were in awe when they saw it in its box on Friday night!! I am sure to be replicating this design for them in the near future too!

This coming Saturday is My husband's birthday- and I have no idea what cake I am going to make him!!!

Any ideas????


shante708 said...

your cakes are absolutely stunning, So original! I love testing out my new cake experiments on family and friends and have been searching high and low for edible "bling": little sugar candies that reflect light the way a diamond would, but I've had no luck so far, do you think you could suggest a few ideas for me?

Sarah-Jane said...

Thanks for your comment Shante708!
Depending on what I am using it for- if you want edible "bling" try using a variety of sizes in cachous (edible sugar balls). These are available in many colours from 2mm to 10mm in size. You can also try sugar glitter and coloured sugar crystals.
Good Luck with your baking!!

Rach72 said...

You are just amazing! I am making a cupcake wedding cake for a friend and have been wandering through your website for months being inspired. Could I ask you a question about the swirly chocolate hearts that atop some of your creations, do you just pipe these out of plain chocolate? How thick do they have to be to last?

Sarah-Jane said...

Hi Rach72!
That is great you are making your friends wedding cake! What a lovely thing to do!
Yes I do pipe the fine chocolate filigree hearts from chocolate. They are very fine,and must be handled carefully- as they break very easily.
They are not piped thick at all- however you could make them as thick or as thin as you liked.
Good Luck with your cake!