Monday, 28 January 2008

Keeping Secrets.....

This weekend I created a cake as a surprise- the whole party wasn't a surprise, but the cake certainly was.
I first me Brad and Michelle a few months ago when they came to organise their wedding cake- for May this year. Around a month or so after they had ordered there cake- I got a sneaky little email from Michelle about creating a fantastic cake for Brad's birthday. Michelle wasn't alone in planning the surprise- her soon to be Sister in Law (Brenda- Brad's sister), also another client of mine- schemed together to organise a cake that would make his birthday!
Not only did they choose a fantastic design, they also (cleverly) ordered many sample flavours- to help them decide what ones to choose. Secretly doubling as wedding cake tasting decisions, Michelle and Brenda decided on Jaffa Mud, Espresso Mud and Marble Mud.
As Brad's birthday approached, he had his suspicions that Michelle had ordered a cake for him through me- but had no idea what she may have ordered.
I delivered the cake- in a over sized box, that disguised what lay inside. A triple stacked mud cake, iced to resemble a can of VB gold- complete with a personalised birthday message for Brad on the back!
The night of the party, all was revealed, with success! Yesterday I received a lovely email, and some pictures from the night- which with permission from Michelle and Brad- I am eager to share!
Michelle wrote:
Just thought I'd let you know that your cake for Brad's birthday was an
absolute HIT last night!!! I managed to keep it a surprise for Brad and he
was ecstatic when he saw the cake - and when he found out that I'd organised
for you to make it!! :D

So thanks so much - everyone loved the cake and thought it was very 'Brad'.
He even picked it up and pretended to drink from it!!

Everyone is excited about what our wedding cake is going to be like, now
that they've seen and tasted one of your cakes :D

Thanks!!! You are very good at your art :D

~Michelle :]"

So with much pleasure I am pleased to share these pictures with you!

Brad Cutting into his cake!

The Party goers reactions!

I think Their smiles say it all

Happy Birthday Brad!!
Only a few short months to go until Michelle and Brad's Wedding day- then I can share their wedding cake story with you.

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