Friday, 5 October 2007

Left of Center.....

Well, for over a year now- I have been waiting to create this cake! When the clients first inquired about the design, I was a little worried how an Apple would fit into a Wedding- Yes a Wedding!
But with the Theme of the Wedding New York- Where the couple met and where the proposal took place- New York couldn't have been represented any better than with a Big Shiny Red Apple!
This cake is a sculptured cake design, carved vanilla mud cake, with fillings and coatings of white chocolate ganache, before the final layer of Fire Engine red Fondant was applied. I am so happy with this cake- I could just squeal! Whilst understandably not the most traditional of designs, I can't wait to get this to the venue, and see the theming complete! I only wish I could get to see their guests reactions when they see the apple for the first time! This cake is very cool- and it takes a brave couple to choose such a bold design for their special day! Guaranteed to be talked about for years to come!

This next cake- also for a wedding (today!) is a variation of a design I originally created for a Bridal Boutique season launch. Inspired by the folds, and layers of contemporary dress design, I created a tiered cake, that was wrapped in layers of icing- like a mummy! This unique design was draped with fresh water pearls and crystals to tie in with the brides attire. Unusual- yet elegant- this weeks clients have chosen head turning, talking point designs for their Wedding day!

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