Sunday, 7 October 2007

Best Job Ever!!!!

Every day I think to myself how lucky I am to be doing a job that I love! I get to meet with people who are celebrating the happiest times in their lives! I get to create awesome cakes for them, and sometimes- I even get to know a little bit about them too.
Whilst most of the couples I get to meet are so friendly and excited to be getting married- I have a handful of couples that I will never forget- because they were just gorgeous people- and yesterday I delivered a cake for a truly beautiful bride.
In the few times that I met Julia, she was so friendly, that it was like I had known her for years. Nothing was a problem- so easy going. She always took time to let me know how her planning was going- and how excited she was getting! I mentioned how lovely she was to her venue coordinator- who too agreed what a gorgeous person she was.
This Morning she will be waking up as a Mrs for the first time- so Congratulations Julia- and David! I hope you enjoyed your cake!

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