Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Rounding off April and Moving into May!


Easter is a very popular time to get married. I gather with the long weekend it is the best time to get all your interstate guests "available" to come to the wedding.
This Easter was a little different though, as Anzac day also coincided with the Easter long Weekend- making it a double whammy for Public Holidays.

I had weddings on Both Good Friday and Easter Saturday this year, and reserved Easter Sunday for family time. It was straight back to work on the Monday for me though- with Weddings Fri/Sat/Sun the following weekend. No rest for the wicked LOL!
Good Friday saw me head to Bretts Wharf to deliver this three tier butter iced cake with fresh antique roses.  


Soft Pretty and understated.
Just lovely!

Saturday morning was a busy day of consultations before headed over to Walkabout Creek to deliver this bold Beauty.

A three tier Hexagonal cake, with an extended height base tier and Bright yellow rolled roses across the cake! I Loved it!
The pop of colour really looked super classy.
After my one days rest on Easter Sunday- I was back on board to get ready for another huge wedding season week.
Luckily I had enabled myself to consume copious amounts of chocolate over Easter- so that I had plenty of energy reserves to get on with the job at hand!

The first cake was Delivered down to Southport- to a magnificent Private home- decked out gloriously to host a truly elegant wedding reception.
This cake featured extended height base and mid tiers and sugar ribbons draping down from the top.
The ribbons were finished with a pearl coat too.

Back in Brisbane I had This Classic Elegant three tier cake to deliver to the Summit.
Sugar roses clustered across the tiers and sugar ribbon and satin ribbon banding the base.

 I love the simplistic elegance of this design. Undoubtedly timeless.

I had a true pretty that weekend too.
A cake with a piping detail design that was replicated from the invitation transparency.

 The monochromatic design was just beautiful. It is cakes like these that really impress me once they are complete. It may not be grand in size- but the detailing certainly makes a statement.

Right down to the fine piped icing pearls around the base of the sugar ribbon. Each and every decoration on the cake was edible.

I had two identical cakes that weekend- so I will just share one image- as not to make you do a double take LOL!
This three tier chocolate creation was ordered for both a Wedding at Victoria Park and The River room- Southbank.

Karen from Bliss Floral Added fresh flowers to the River Room version.
This is one of those cakes where people feel compelled to touch it- just grab a tiny little scroll of chocolate from the channels- it is all  too tempting hehehhe!

I was certainly all over the place with Deliveries!
I had this next cake to deliver out to Glengariff at Dayboro.
The Purple colour was matched in with the Bridesmaids fabric. I finished it with a purple pearl lustre that looked really fun too!

The Clients chose this design from a display cake that I had in my studio. With changes to the size and height of the tiers- as well as the colour combo- they made it their own.

After Glengariff I headed over to the Bardon Centre to deliver a three tier cake with client supplied toppers.

 The cake was piped all over the tiers with sugar roses and draping across the entire design.
The centres of the roses were dusted with a pale lilac colour to match in with the wedding colour theme.

 I am unsure as to who made the Polymer Clay toppers for the couple- but they were certainly cute!

I then headed back across town to Customs House.
I love going to Customs house. It is such a gorgeous venue :)

This cake was a three tier butter iced cake with Fresh flowers in between the layers.
This cake was Whimsical and Pretty- Light and Fresh! A Delicate wedding center piece indeed!

It is not my usual practice to have client supplied blooms for this style of design (especially from a florist with whom I have never worked with)- as it is imperative to have them prepared, and also plentiful to complete and create the support structure of the design.
I do provide directions on how the blooms need to be supplied and also a suggested amount in order to have the final product finish seamlessly. 
Without going into the sordid details- I soldiered on and remarkably finished the cake (soundly) with what I was given to use.

 Overall I was delighted to be able to create a stunning cake for my clients despite being let down by a co vendor. I feel really proud to have been able to get on with the design and have all flow smoothly for the Bride and Groom (and the Venue).

I LOVE my job so much and respect my clients special day, and in the end delivering a show stopping stunning cake is what matters most :)

The last cake for the weekend was at the Glen Hotel.
A cupcake tower with a Blue and Lemon theme.

The smell of the cupcakes always fills the room a deliciously moorish scent for the venue staff to breath in whilst setting up the room :)
Well it was a big couple of weeks- but I made  it though with a smile :)
I hope you enjoyed the flashback to April LOL
Thanks for Reading

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Vivianne said...

Just had to remind you how much I love love LOVE your cakes! That hexagonal one with yellow ribbon roses is a stunner!