Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Ecclectic! Just the way I like it :)

I can tell you right now that I am sitting here- slapping myself silly for letting myself get so behind on the blogging. I have made some pretty wicked cakes this year - if I do say so myself- and the only benefit of the stories behind these being unpublished until now is in that I get to reflect on the wonderful choices my clients have made!

This weekend in April was definitely a great one for cake variety.
The first cake I'll introduce you to is a cool one indeed- A London Bus cake!

The Bride and Groom had a close affiliation with London, so having a Double Decker Bus cake, complete with the couples favourite West End Musical posters, bus route and Just Married signs- certainly sealed the personalisation on this Wedding Cake.   

I also couldn't have the cartoon couple standing simply on top, so my artistic license took over and I had the couple proudly waving on top instead. 

I travelled allot that weekend with deliveries, so after the bus drop off at Walkabout Creek - I headed to North Lakes Golf Club to set up this pretty cupcake tower.
With a Pink and Green Theme- it was just lovely!

I vividly remember the table center pieces - as they had beautiful Vases with a Lace/Ribbon and Diamante Buckle wrapped around, which looked really elegant with the floral arrangements.

The Next cake is one which may be familiar to those of you who subscribe to my Facebook page. It is a variation of the profile picture cake- a design I absolutely adore :)

The lace overlay coupled with the large sugar blooms is a stunning classic design with an elegant vintage twist.
Having the lace detailing in white on the soft ivory icing is a beautiful compliment to the final design.  

 I delivered this lace beauty to an equally elegant reception in Sunnybank.

It was back across town to the Pavilion at Albion to deliver this next Wedding cake.
A three tier Gluten Free Traditional Design, complete with Deep red and Ivory roses and Sugar Draping.

I always find it really hard to photograph the deep red roses. I am no where near qualified enough to capture the real life colours with my limited camera skills LOL- anyway I hope you can imagine the true deep colour that the sugar roses were.

The last but by no means the least of feature cakes for this weeks blog is a cheeky variation of my Chocolate Mountain design.
This cake was commissioned by Mel and Dan- Chocolate Freaks ;-P
Mel and Dan came to me through my cousin- who was Mel's Bridesmaid. The brief for the cake was Chocolate- Chocolate, and a bit more Chocolate (no wonder Mel and My cousin Jess are friends LOL!)! The cakes design was also top secret to everyone bar the couple (and me) right up until the wedding day!

Choosing such a novel design- Mel and Dan wanted their guests to be awestruck by their choices on the wedding day, rather than sharing every detail before hand.

The Design was finished in Chocolate scrolls, with White Chocolate tipped scrolls atop of this Chocolate "Mountain"!
Not only were the cartoon bridal couple sitting right in amongst the chocolate- the Bride also requested that her caricature be just about to sneak a piece of cake, while the groom had face full of cake covered in choccie remnants heheheheh! 

To top the toppers off- I had the broom looking all coy twiddling his thumbs "Who Me?" hahahha! Loved it to bits!

So from my end it has been worth the wait writing this blog and getting to relive the joyous designs that I made that week.

Now I had better head back to making the stunner I have on order this week- Hadn't I?

Thanks for reading

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