Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Inspiration from all!

 If you were a past frequent reader of my blog you may be sitting here thinking- "My Lordy- SJ has finally got her butt back into gear and is blogging again" and you would be right.... kind of. I never actually stopped blogging, sadly time just got in the way. But once again I am on the diligent path to bring the blog back up to date- sharing many of the wonderful cakes I get to create each week.
So now that I am up to almost the middle of may- albeit 6 months ago- I feel like I am moving in the right direction and getting this blog under control.

The first cake from the week in question is one that I have not done before. It is in fact a Julie Whitehead design. I don't routinely "copy" cakes, but this client was referred to me by Julie (as she was unavailable) and I was asked to recreate a version of one of her cakes.
This Two tier chocolate creation was for a christening.  

Miles of chocolate lollipop hearts exploded from the top! This cake makes me wonder how tempting grabbing just one heart from the top would be for the guests! The smell of the white chocolate alone is enough to fill the room- so would be hard to resist I would think.

Other than the above Christening cake, all the other cakes are for Weddings :)
The first is a combo of a few cakes I have made before.
Vanessa and Heath chose to combine a cake I had done previously that had varied thickness black ribbons and a personalised couple, with a cake that I had done with Daisies trailing down one corner.

I love the effect of the ribbon going from a Thick band at the base then by the time it is at the top there is 3 varied sized ribbons banding the cake.

The groom looked very snazzy in his grey suit and glasses too!

I had a second cake with personalised toppers that week too!
The couples florist added flowers to this cake at the venue.

 This time it wasn't all about the Bride and Groom- there was also the couples two little dogs too!

How cute is it that one has really big ears too!

But wait...... There's more!
A final cupcake tower complete with another set of cartoon cake toppers!
It is weeks like these that I am kept on my toes with which Bride belongs to which groom :)

  This cupcake tower was finished with a Bold Red ribbon trailing down the tiers

I had Two cakes for the River room that weekend.
The first was this pretty variation of the Pearl lines design.
I opted for a double board and a larger silver stand with this one.
I think it certainly gave an added touch of grandeur for sure!

The last cake for the week was definitely something very special.
The side design on the tiers of the cake was hand drawn by the Bride, and was used in the wedding stationary.
I reproduced the design in a Black Brush embroidery and applique technique on the walls of the cake.

A Hummingbird and big bloom design was a striking yet elegant statement on the cake.
Whilst still maintaining an elegant feel this cake was certainly unique to the wedding.

I hope you enjoyed seeing the cakes on this blog!
Thanks for reading


Vivianne said...

Gorgeous as usual SJ :) I love how you are so flexible - you use so many different techniques and mediums with such skill. Your work is inspirational for me!

PS: How cute are those dogs!

Sarah-Jane said...

Thanks Vivianne! I only get to work with such a variety of designs due to being blessed with wonderful orders from my clients.

The dogs were really cute! I loved them :)