Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Brighter Days!

The last week in May was certainly a hectic one here.
Not only did I have some great cakes to transport all over SEQ- I also was blessed to once again go to the RBCH Oncology Siblings day and make cupcakes....... plus a little extra this time too :)

Like we (Myself and one of my Fantastic Helper Sisters) normally do at the Siblings day- we piled the car high with cupcakes, icing and more sugar decorations than you could handle ;-P so that the Brother's and Sister's of the RBCH Turner and Banksia Ward patients could ice and decorate cupcakes to share to their hearts desire.
As well as this afternoon of fun- I was also asked if I would mind giving a one on one to a very special inpatient- who would love to become a baker :)
OF course I jumped at the chance. I felt so very special to be asked to work with such a worthy recipient. I don't normally offer lessons, purely because I feel like in many ways that I couldn't teach anything well, coupled with the fact that I am not sure I have much to offer either.
I only had limited time with Bridie- so choosing a cake design that was achievable in the time frame, and also suited her personality was not a super easy decision. I called upon my FB friends to help me concur the decision to go with a handbag/makeup bag cake!
So in an hour- Bridie had decorated a sensational bag cake. She learned how to make a bow and finished it all off with pearl luster!  

 She was meticulous in her attention to detail- a true natural!
It still makes me smile, and teary- thinking what courage and determination this young lady has. A true inspiration indeed!
Whilst Bridie and I were having fun with the cake decorating- My baby sister Alex was up on the wards with the inpatients and their parents icing and decorating cupcakes.
Many of these kids are in hospital for months, and it was an absolute honour to hear of one particular patient who hadn't left her room in the month she had been in hospital (bar for medical reasons) - who, along with her mum and dad, got out of bed and came in to where Alex was hosting the Cupcake making! Needless to say she had a ball! and for that short hour her mind was focused on all things sugar, and she was smiling- ahhh it is a true blessing to be able to share something as simple as sugar and make others happy. 

After we had both worked separately- Alex and I joined forces and headed down  to the Siblings day activities to do more cupcake decorating!
The Brothers and Sisters seem to really enjoy the icing and decorating of cupcakes.
Just like the photo that was circulating Facebook last week- Cupcakes make people happy!

And happiness need not mean intricately decorated cupcakes that are produced by the most credible and noted cake decorators around the globe- it means ones that are decorated with love and enthusiasm, by kids with an array of decorations at their disposal.

My eyes are truly opened with this style of decorating- when normally I opt for less is more- I think this shows definitively that more is obviously more :)

Not only was I proud of what all the Kids (and some parents and staff) created that day- I was also so very proud of my sister Alex. She is not well herself, and despite her struggles is an absolute champion. She cast aside her own concerns to be able to brighten someone elses day. Such a huge heart indeed!

So that was Friday afternoon...............we both slept well that night for sure :)

The weekend arrived and it was all about the cake deliveries once again.  

It was an early delivery start- with one wedding beginning before lunch at The Landing at Dockside.

This three tier soft iced cake was decorated with gorgeous flowers by Jennine from Florabella Design. 

The next cake was a simply decorated three tier design. Hand made pearl decorations and thin ribbons wrapped around each tier. Fresh flowers by Karen from Bliss Floral were placed over the tiers to complete the cake.
The image above was kindly taken by Karen :))

Then I scooted up to Toiparies @ Beaumont House for the  next soft iced cake!  

This pale green iced cake was finished with Fresh Poppies - supplied by Roberta from Green and Bloom flowers :)

That night I had a Special combined 18th and 16th Birthday party cake to make and deliver.
Black and Bling was the theme- and it was fun and funky too!

So a Very Happy Birthday Remi and Savannah!

Whilst I am on a roll with blogging - I'll also share my two faves from the first week in June.

The first was taken down to NSW (North Coast) for a wedding reception.
Stunning Black and white with a feature Magnolia Spray- sitting simply atop of the cake.

 Classy- elegant and a tad contemporary with the chosen colour scheme. Once again proving that Simple almost certainly = Elegant

The next cake was another that I just kept returning to have a good stare at.
The bold colour- combined with the intricate side design detail was just magic!

The Big full blown blooms went from a deep fuchsia colour through to a bright orange on the outer petals.

 Love Love Loved IT!!

Well I hope that you got through this mega post!

Thanks again for reading- and remember please feel free to leave your comments below :)- or on Facebook!

Take it easy

P.S. If you have read this and thought- How can I help the RBCH, donations can be made to the Working Wonders Foundation


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