Wednesday, 28 April 2010

This is Alex Taking Over - hold on to your seats and be aware of the exits!

Hi i am Alex, Sarah's Sister this week I have been on the rollercoaster I now know is making wedding cakes!

 Alot of fun but I think I am still suffering from the motion sickness that is the constant running around and getting everything perfect.
 So- the week started as usually Monday baking -Tuesday clients- then Wednesday the fun really starts as I looked on in ore as my amazing sister iced cake after cake faultlessly, each having its own individual decoration, that she would place on and move a little then have another look and finally be happy with where each flower was, I thought to myself thank god I only come to visit! 

Once all the cakes had been completed it was time to box them up and hit the road ....... literally for something like 5 and a half hours ( but I'm not complaining). 
First stop Quay West to drop off Chris and Kath's Wedding cake, (Sarah's personal training buddies) , this is one of my favorites for the week - simple and elegant and I love green!!!
a little close up!

With ribbon to match the invitations this cake looked super cool in the room.

Second we were off to the brand spanking new The Strand Rugby Quay ( in where Michael's used to be) now when I say new - I mean totally kinda still putting in the finishing touches, but as we made our way through the electricians and painters the doors opened into a beautiful room adorned in white- also just waiting for the finishing touches. This cake was Sarah's favourite for the week I think partly because she loves the damask style but also the little friend she got to put on the back!!!!
and here he is...... this is Henry the bride and grooms beloved cat he is a flat faced grey ball of love!!! Sarah reckons he looked like the whiskas cat!

 Next we were of to my personal favourite wedding venue Sirromet Winery to drop off the big mumma of the week - a huge thanks goes out to Sandee from Always Fabulous Flowers for making our job super easy by providing beautiful roses for this cake! (Sandee also provided the flowers for the previous wedding which we were lucky enough to get a peek of and they looked AWESOME)

As always Sirromet's Barrel Room provided a perfect backdrop for this majestic masterpiece.
 Now for my second favourite cake of the week, and I must say I also have a new favourite wedding venue to add to my growing list-  Versace...... Do I need to say anymore?? Probably not but I  will anyway. The place is AMAZING- we are talking floor to ceiling marble, gold everywhere, everything is massive and bright and just WOW!
I have loved this cake from the first time Sarah made it, surprisingly the Bride and Groom went for the original three tier version  ( if it was me I would have a ten tier version but, I'm just saying). It still looked great!

I would like to make it formally known that the more cakes at Versace the better( not because it is totally awesome) because next door at Marina Mirage the is MAX BRENNER! If you don't know what this is put it in your GPS now and go there trust me you wont regret it. This place is like chocolate heaven and diet or not I had a frappe' and chocolate dipped strawberries while SJ had a thick hot chocolate( everyone needs to have at least one in their life time ). 
So totally stuffed with chocolate and ready for a nanna nap we made our way home! only to prepare for Saturday deliveries!

So as the sun rose on Saturday morning the cakes went into the car and off went Sarah and Steve to deliver another day - I opted to stay home one day was enough for me!! But I'll tell you all what happened anyway.
 Firstly off to Customs House to deliver this three tier butter cream iced cake featuring pretty pink antique roses.

Then all engines are go to Brett's Wharf  to set up another classic style cup cake tree.

And now for the event of the week, nestled away was the best tropical party set up ever seen ( Ezy events and infuture entertainmemt did the BEST job at this wicked party!), there was a T shaped marquee a Light up bar that ran the length of the marquee, not to mention the starry night wall feature and beach scene that took you out of Brisbane an landed you in Waikiki !!!!!! 
With each cup cake featuring a hand made ( and painted  by me- Alex) Frangipani and silver papers to reflect the table stocking-  it really was like being in another world, I just hope one day we can have a party this cool!
 Until next time this is me signing out!!!
Official take over complete!


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Brandy L said...

WOW! Unsure which one is my favorite as they are all spectacular! Awesome job. :D