Sunday, 11 April 2010

Double up.............

March was such a big month this year- delivering some awesome cakes for awesome couples.
Now it should come as no surprise that there are some venues that suppliers just love to deal with. If the staff are friendly and the access is easy- your day runs smooth and is a pleasant overall experience. On this second weekend in March I had the pleasure of not only delivering to some of my most favourite venues- but also being there multiple times.
On top of delivering to some of my fave venues-Then I get doubly excited when I find out that my couples are also using some of my other favourite vendors too!  Even though I work alone- it makes it feel like you are in a little team again ;)

Anyway enough of my rambling- here are some the cakes from the weekend 12th- 14th March 2010!!
The first cake of the week was for The Stamford Plaza- a Friday wedding in the River room.
When I arrived Styled Events were putting the room decorations together- a beautiful lit backdrop- just gorgeous! This cake had been arranged over email- and when I arrived the bride's Aunt was there ready to start arranging the flowers for the cake.
Unfortunately I haven't seen the cake finished with the flowers... but from the blooms she had there ready to go I am certain it looked beautiful. It wasn't until I posted the cake on my Facebook page that the Gorgeous Anne Campbell (celebrant) and Talented Toni Snell (photographer) let me know that they too were vendors for Fiona and Jason's wedding!

Saturday was possibly one of the best delivery runs I have had.
To begin with I went over to Indooroopilly Golf Course- where I had not one- but two cakes to deliver.
The first was a soft and romantic butter cream iced cake- with fresh roses to decorate.
In the next room I delivered this Three tier cake - complete with intertwining Peacock feather pattern- in the middle tier.
This design was the background of the wedding invitations- so pretty!
After the double drop off to Indooroopilly- it was over to the Marriott- where I delivered Andrea and Eamon's cake.
A variation of my Bridal Rose design- complete with their wedding monogram on the top tier.

I have since received a beautiful Thank you from Andrea and Eamon- here they are cutting their cake!

Thank you both for the wonderful pictures and your kind words.
OK- then after the Marriott I was over to The Landing- at Dockside- for another Double Triple serving of wedding cakes.
Well only two on the Saturday- and then I returned on the Sunday to deliver the third- but how freaky is that- out of all the Bridal couples and all of the venues- to have Three weddings at the same venue on the same weekend was just glorious!
The First cake was a Decadent chocolate creation- in the Harbour room. Pretty clusters of Fresh White Tulips on one side of the cake.
The Chocolate Chards were drizzled with milk chocolate- and then chocolate shavings filled in the channels and top!
Then right next door in the River room was A 6 tier Frangipani cupcake tower- once again- ordered soley over email. The Bride and her Mother have been so kind as to also forward me a Thank you and some stunning pictures from the wedding day!
Here is a closer shot of the cartoon couple- how did I go fro the couples likeness????
Far better looking in real life! Congratulations Bec and Lee!

After The two at Dockside- it was over to The River Room at Southbank- so three river rooms in three days at three different venues!LOL!
Anyway- I was trying to beat the Weather- it was a super windy day and I was sure it was going to bucket down... but I was lucky and had no rain each time I stopped to deliver a cake!
At the River Room I had Jasmine and Herman's wedding cake. A classic three tier design with clusters of fresh flowers over the tiers.
Simple and elegant.
With Cream ribbon wrapped around a white cake- and fresh cream/white blooms- this deign looked fresh and pretty indeed!

With Saturday wrapped up- I had only Sunday to go!
I was back at The Landing again in the Sunday to Deliver and set up Sam and Paul's black and white creation.
A variation on my Invitation print design- this cake had a hand painted base tier and then the top two tiers were left simply decorated with ribbon around the base.
Glenda Pradella supplied the beautiful white roses and feather topper for the cake.
Why is this image Black and white you ask????? 
Well in the rear right hand corner of the picture was a blue dustpan- and given my photoshop skills are limited to basically watermarking the image- this was the best I could do to not make a feature of my not so great photography.
While I LOVE the flowers on top- I also really liked the cake with no flowers on top- just for some thing different- what do you think?

The Final cake for the week was delivered to Eve's on The River.
The Windy weather had seemed to put people off dining at this usually popular Sunday lunch restaurant- so when we arrived around 2pm- the restaurant was empty- and the wedding set up was in full swing.
The Bride had chosen to supply her own flowers for the cake- something which I encourage so that the flowers all match in with the bridal bouquets and table decorations.
Unfortunately though- the flowers were supplied with raw ends- meaning that they were Not individually wired and taped- so that I could arrange them as per the original design. It is a Health and Safety requirement that all flowers provided are individually wired and taped- or made into pre clustered taped posies- purely for Hygiene reasosn- so that no sap etc.. or poisons from the flowers can contaminate the cake.

I worked with what I had- arranging the blooms so that they merely rested on the cake and were not puncturing the cake, minimising the risk of potential contamination.
The cake design was unlike what the couples design should have been had the blooms been prepared- and plentiful enough to complete the original design.
Having correctly prepared blooms means that fresh flowers can become a stunning feature on your cake, and create an endless colourful combination for designs. When blooms are incorrectly prepared I feel such disappointment and being unable to fulfill the design and in turn create the desired magnificent effect. The Majority of florist are right on the mark- supplying me with sensational fresh flowers to arrange onto the cake- but every once in a while I am handed incorrectly prepared blooms, and instead of  simply leaving the flowers I try and arrange them as best as I can in the given situation.
My Brides who have fresh flower cakes will attest that this is something I go through with each and everyone to ensure the design is as magical as their wedding day!

A great week overall- visiting some of my favourite venues and working with some of the best vendors in the business!
Thanks for reading

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