Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Easter Brides

It may be rather apt that all this week I have been craving a Lindt gold Bunny... and while there are none in the shops anymore (although the 2.5kg bags of Lindt calletts in my cake room are staring at me....) I can still daydream about eating the ears off first.. then devouring the rest- ahh to dream......
So this blog is all about the cakes I did over the Easter weekend!

Each year I tell myself- take Easter off- have a few days with your family- but then each year I get asked to make beautiful cakes... and there goes my easter break ;) LOL!
It all started on the 1st April- and this cake was for no April fool! Mullins Law in the Riverside Centre celebrated their 30th Birthday- with a tower of cupcakes!!!!!!
What a fabulous place to work- an amazing Kitchen/Lunch room- with a view of the city to die for!
The cupcakes were iced in the colour theme of the company logo. Simple and effective! Thanks to Jaide at Mullins for her swift return of my cake stand too!

Easter Saturday had some truly gorgeous cakes to deliver.
The first was a Hindi inspired design- replicated from an image the clients had bought me.

Deep Red, Gold and touches of Turquoise blue decorated this cake. Paisley style base tier- piped filigree mid tier and a heavy 2mm cachous detail on the top tier- it certainly looked the part. Inside was a Rich fruit cake.

I heard from the Bride in the days after her wedding with this lovely email : 
"The cake was fantastic.  It looked lovely and tasted just as good.  I managed to save a handful of pieces, but I have never seen so many people push and shove to get a piece.  We couldn't get the cake in the little take home boxes fast enough.  It was ridiculous." 
I LOVE fruit cake but trying to convince many of my clients that it does indeed taste sensational can be hard... hopefully Andrea's email will persuade them to believe.

A combination of piping work- gold cachous (dragees) and thin gold braid added a great range of textural elements to the design.

I had a wedding for two families that I have known for over 25 years now. My old Next door neighbours (when I was 5) had 6 daughters- and their youngest Married another close family friends son on Easter Saturday!
Brooke and Michael chose cupcakes for their wedding- with a set of personalised toppers on top.
My parents and sister attended the wedding and reception-as I was unable to make it :(

Congratulations Brooke and Michael!

It was a LONG day of deliveries on Easter Saturday- and my next stop was Old Government house. I have never delivered here before- and it was just beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!! I love the warmth and charm of the old buildings- they ooze elegance and have such style and grace- fit for the grandeur of any wedding reception.
A tower of 150 mini cupcakes- with a silver decoration on top of each one- the top tier elegantly decorated with an Emerald and Ivory ribbon with a Diamante slider.

It seemed that Cupcakes were the theme of the day for Easter weekend- infact I made over 500 cupcakes for that weekend alone- so my Good Friday was Good- just allot of cupcakes being made.
My last cupcake tower for the weekend was for Cassandra and Andrew at Voctoria Park.
A simple tower with  the top tier banded with the Bridesmaids gown fabric ( which was sewn into a ribbon).
Fresh flowers to cover the top and dot in between were supplied by the Northside Flower Market.
Cassandra also supplied me with White foil cupcake papers to use on her cakes.

The last but not least cake was for an Easter Sunday wedding. Based on my Love lines design- this Deep red and Gold cake was on order.

The entire cake had been organised over email- as the Bride and Groom lived in Perth- and it was just by chance when delivering the cake to the venue- that the Bride to be was there and I got to meet her for the first time! She loved the cake too! I rarely get to see my clients when the see their cakes- so it is always a great feeling to know that they are delighted by their cake.

Well that was my Easter cakes... I managed to tackle over 500 cupcakes and not even eat one myself! LOL!
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KayB said...

The Hindi design is just gorgeous!!!
I get so excited when I see a new Cake That post, all your cakes are amazing. Thanks for all the wonderful inspiration!

Sarah-Jane said...

Thanks KayB!

Nora said...

Wow! I love your blog. :D Very professional looking!