Monday, 5 April 2010

A familiar Celebration

The first weekend in March had a very special meaning to me, as this was my wedding anniversary too! 6 years have flown by since I was a bride myself- and my wonderful husband Steve joined me ( as he does almost every Saturday) in delivering this years March 6th Brides wedding cakes- plus a few celebration cakes too!
I must also mention that Steve did very well with my anniversary gift- a Pandora Wedding cake charm- very cute indeed!
Anyway- back to the cakes... I am not going to be shy about how much I LOVED this next cake.
LOVED IT TO PIECES!!!! Loved the colours- The shape- and most importantly the clients!!!!!!!!!!
I am privileged to deal with some pretty cool people- although for the most part I only meet then for less than an hour- some couples- and in this case Mother and Daughter- that I meet are just so lovely and friendly- by the time they leave it feels as if you have known them for a lot longer.
Abby and her Lovely Mum came to visit me last year- as Abby and Stephen were engaged and decided to throw one hell of an engagement party!
The colour of the cake was themed around the invitations- a deep dusty blue, with gold and silver accents. Abby also loved the sugar bow- so a Big Pearl sugar bow sat on top.
The picture really doesn't do this cake justice- in fact I am blaming the bad photography on the fact that the week ( and even the day) of the party was wet and miserable- providing little to no natural light to take good piccies in. In fact there are some cakes that I made this week who I didn't even get a clear shot of- with the poor light and the 2" viewing screen- you think it is all good- until you upload them......
From the fabulous feedback from both Abby and her Mum that I have received- the cake went down a treat!

I also did a cupcake tower for a joint Best Friends 21st  birthday at the Tattersalls. Chloe and Roisin had a huge bash in the members dining room.
The brief for the design was that the cake needed to have a "WOW" factor- outshining all other 21st cakes that they had seen in the past......This 6 tier tower of regular and mini cupckes in a pale green purple and cream theme was definitely a centerpiece.
Fresh purple seasonal blooms were dotted throughout the stand.

The little silver cachous added sparkle and completed this grand design.

 A returning client had me making her 40th Birthday cake.
A chocolate lollipop explosion design- in a pink theme!
 I delivered this cake to Byblos at Portside- the first time I had been to Portside when the Cruise liner was in and it was huge!

After the celebration cakes were delivered- it was off to deliver the wedding cakes for the day.
A simple and elegant cupcake tower for The River Room at Southbank- this cupcake design let the cakes speak for themselves.
Fresh flowers matching in with the table flowers sat atop of the tower.

The next cake was a late addition to my line up of cakes for the week - but the couple had had a mix up with their last decorator and with less than a couple of weeks to their wedding they found themselves without a cake. My soft nature couldn't leave them without a cake with such a sad situation- so I was more than happy to squeeze them in.
The couple were having a beach wedding up at Maroochydore - and so they had  turquoise blue chocolate marbled panels to fit in with the theme. 

A thin chocolate brown ribbon was also wrapped around the base to include this colour element from the day. The cake was collected and transported up to Maroochydore in time for the wedding on the Friday.

I also had another Beach wedding- with a mildly similar cake design- for a Wedding at Stradbroke Island.
The six degrees of separation were certainly met- as only a week prior to the wedding did I discover that the groom worked with my Brother in Law (Paul)- and that he and my sister in law were attending the wedding. Not knowing that Paul was my brother in law- Nikki and Baz organised their cake through me- off a referral from a family friend who had also got their wedding cake from me too.

The cake was transported over to the Island by a family member- to the reception which was held at the Stradbroke Island Beach hotel.

The last delivery for the weekend was to the Stamford Plaza- where this white design was set up in the River room.

Fresh flowers were added later to complete the cake.

After a huge day of delivering and being super excited for the bride's and grooms who also shared our wedding anniversary date- Steve and I finally got a chance to chill out and enjoy our anniversary too!

March was a massive month of cakes- and I loook forward to sharing more with you soon.
For weekly updates on the cakes I have made join my facebook group and get a peek at what is soon to be featured on my blog!
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