Monday, 19 April 2010

Special Days.......

This year seems to be flying by!
For the fantastic couples who married o this third weekend in March- they are already celebrating a Month of Marriage- and I am now only getting to write this particular weeks blog!
Ok- Once again my week of deliveries began on the Friday- with a grogeous Cupcake tower for Sirromet!

In a Pistachio/sage green and Chocolate theme- this cupcake tower was Cute as!

A set of personalised toppers sat on the top tier dressed in the wedding day attire.

This tower of cupcakes included a selection of flavours featuring some Vegan Jaffa cupcakes too!

It was all systems go for Saturday!
An early start to the Delivery Rin had me headed to The Bardon Centre to deliver this classically beautiful three tier cake!
Stephanie and Michael's Reception was beautifully dressed- and from the gorgeous images Stephanie's mum sent through it looked like everyone had a brilliant night! Congratulations!!!!!!
After Bardon we took the shorttrip up to Mt cootha to set up Tanya and Joseph's cake.
It is very rare that I only meet the groom and not the Bride- but Joseph organised the cake with me without Tanya- and it all went fabulously!
This Three tier cake had fresh flowers supplied by the couple's florist- and Cinnamon sticks trailing down the front of the cake.

Then it was across town to Indroopilly Golf to set up this fresh cupcake tower!
I breathed a sigh of relief as I saw the choir sashes matched perfectly with the Tiffany blue ribbon that  floated down the front of the tower. A simple colour description had me choosing the ribbon colour blindly for the cake- but all was matched!

The last cake out of the car for the first round of Deliveries was this Purple Crystal detailed cake.

 Simple with fine piped hearts and random deep purple and clear crystals made this cake sparkle nicely.
A fresh flower topper to match in with the bridal bouquet sat on top.

On my second round off deliveries I headed to The Landing- where I delivered this Three tier Butter iced cake.
I didn't get to see the gorgeous flowers that Glenda Pradella supplied- but here is the completed cake from Glenda's website!

Next stop was Quay West- wher ei had this stunner!
I was in LOVE with the Bold and Elegant design.
With the hand painted and appliqued replica invitation pattern over the tiers in a Sunflower yellow- this cake was all about theme.
 I was delighted to see that all of the place cards also featured the print- so everything just flowed together!

I used the two methods of patterning to add "Life" to the design- instead of it simply being a 2D effect.
The Couple also had some Coeliac guests- who were treated to matching cupcakes- each with their own hand painted disc.

After Quay West we drove down to The Hyatt at Sanctuary Cove to deliver this next cake.
This is clearly one of my all time favourite Novelty wedding cakes.
The Neutral colour scheme kept the design fun- yet stylish.
This beached themed cake had everything right about it- delicately and naturally coloured shells- ivory icing detail that mimicked the bubbles of the ocean- and most importantly a cute couple perched in the top edge.
The Bride had a big gown- with gathered up folds of fabric in the skirt- and detailed brooch in her hair.
Each shell was hand made and dusted in neutral tones.
I was fortunate to receive an appreciative Thank you form the Bride's Mum on behalf of the Bride for the cake. I couldn't help but express my delight with the design too. Not overdone- just delightful!

After our big day of Delivering-Steve had also delivered to North Lakes earlier that day for me and forgot the piccie :((- it was time for an early night! LOL!
I am such a party animal during wedding season that making it to 9.30pm is a huge night for me!

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laura said...

All of your cakes are stunning!

Claire said...

I love all the cakes. My favorites are the cupcake towers. I think cupcakes always add such a great alternative to the traditional cake.