Friday, 18 December 2009

What you read on the net............

ISN'T Always true!

To cut a long story short- Today I phone my friend Amanda- who also operates a fabulous cake business here in Brisbane- just to have a quick chat.
When I called Amanda was so very upset- because she is being targeted by an anonymous person over the Internet to try and disgrace her business.
Unfortunately there are sites out there where you can leave unfounded comments about any business- maliciously attacking the company and its integrity without justification.
These people who are targeting Amanda were not past clients and are using Blackmail and threatening tactics to coerce money from her. It is most likely that these people are from overseas.

While the police are now involved it doesn't help the already (potential) tarnish to Amanda's business and her image. It seems to be a slow process in finding the person or persons targeting Amanda's business and all the while it seems that these same predators have ways of increasing the link to the articles on Google.

Thankfully I have this platform to inform you all that what you may read doesn't necessarily mean it is the truth.
Targeting a small successful business- which for those of you who have your own business know it is your heart and soul- can really break you.

I hope that this gets sorted really quickly and that the untruths removed from the net.

Hopefully Amanda and her wonderful business Deliberately Delicious manage to get through this awful ordeal quickly.

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