Sunday, 13 December 2009

Catching up slowly........

I feel quite slack being so behind on my blogging- when you receive than yous and professional images from your couples before you have had a chance to blog about their cake- means that I am indeed well an truly behind!

The week ending the 15th November had me making bomboniere as well as cakes!
I also made a "Neapolitan sponge"- which is a layered chocolate /raspberry/vanilla sponge cake! I cannot wait to see the cut pictures of that one indeed!
The cake which held the sponge was a gorgeous vintage style design.

The icing was a pearl effect Ivory- with a white cut overlay- just beautiful. A cartoon Bride and groom sat on the edge of the top tier.

The Brides gown was a lovely soft silver with a white chiffon overlay- so I made the topper and gently dusted the gown with pearl white to create the chiffon effect.

I also made chocolate heart bombonieries- which acted as the name place tags too!
I hope this doesn't sound odd but -I always feel quite embarrassed when people get excited about what I do.
I made this Tiffany box cake for an engagement party- and when the couple came to collect the cake- the Bride to be was super excited about getting a "Cake That!" cake. She is an avid follower of my blog- and told me about how long she had been waiting for an opportunity to get on of "my" cakes. Whilst it is my absolute pleasure to make the cake- I only make cakes and don't feel special about it at all.

Seeing clients get so excited is a fabulous thing-and is something that certainly makes me blush for sure.

I also had another Chocolate Mountain cake design this week- this time it went over to Stradbroke Island!For a change to the design- this cake had Leucodendrons in amongst the chocolate scrolls to finish it off.

With the heat of summer rising- I am just about to take my annual leave from making cakes.
I will be unable to make cakes between the 24th December 2009 and the 20th January 2010. ( I will still be answering emails/calls and am able to take bookings during this period)
This is the time of year I take off to catch up on all the "fun" part of running a business- like bookwork and equipment maintenance. I also plan to update my website with some new images too!
I will also be visiting Melbourne - to check out some of the fabulous Cake stores and equipment suppliers- and hopefully get some wonderful new tools to use too! Of course I will also include allot of eating while I am down there too!
I haven't been to Melbourne since I was a child- so I look forward to spending a week there immersing myself in all things cake! If you are from Melbourne and have any suggestions of where I should check out- I welcome your suggestions!

Thanks for reading!

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