Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Lucky 7!

WoW! The first week of November bought me some truly fabulous clients!
I had cakes all over SEQ- even sending a chocolate creation all the way to Merlwood- around 3hrs north west of Brisbane!

Fridays are doubly crazy for me - especially when I have deliveries to make as well as cakes to finish.
Luckily this Friday I only had to travel to NewFarm to the Vine Restaurant to deliver this "plain iced" three tier cake.
When clients ask me what "plain iced" is- this is it! A cake finished with nothing bar ribbon around the base. This style of design is perfect for those wishing to place their own fresh flowers on top- which is indeed what this couple chose to do. Having fresh flowers supplied by your own florist means that your cake flowers will be perfectly matched with your bouquets and table flowers.

When I reached the venue- the floral cake topper was ready for placement onto the cake!
Flowers were supplied by Northside Flower Market.

I also had a cake collected on the Friday- which was being taken up to Maleny. A "rough" finish version of my "Mummy" cake.

The popularity of this design always amazes me. I first made it more than 4 years ago for a Bridal Couture season launch- taking inspiration from one of their dress designs- and it has been really popular ever since. A very contemporary design- that still has soft romantic elements indeed.

Saturday morning had me up bright and early meeting with 8am clients- before the next cake was collected. The chocolate creation that was being sent out west for a "Special" Birthday!
Nicole is the Sister of Lena- a friend of mine- who's wedding I attended (and made the cake for ;) ) earlier in the year.
Nicole is such a warm and genuine person- it was my pleasure to construct a cake for her that reflected her fabulous personality. Whilst the end design was ultimately up to me- the brief was : Colour, Fun, Dragonflies- and the words "love, peace, family, wisdom, friends and gratitude" to be included in the design.

From the feedback from Nicole- it definitely exceeded her expectations- and was enjoyed by all.

After the cake was collected and my morning consultations were over- it was off on a mammoth delivery run!
First stop was Dockside Marina- where I had a cake to set up for a wedding on a private boat. This was more than a boat- a luxury cruiser- just divine!
I did feel a little motion sickness setting up the cake- and that was only the ripples from the City Cats- but when you are so focused on setting a cake- not usually on a swaying vessel- it make you feel a little queasy for sure.

Most of my clients come to me from word of mouth- and this one was no different. My Trainer recommended Wendy to me- as she also was being trained by Marita (Fitness is Me).
Marita offers both Group and personal training- so if you are looking to get fit, or want to get into shape for your wedding - Marita can tailor a program to suit your goals. If you want to find out more about Marita's Training- please email me

Next stop was "The Landing" at Dockside.
This three tier cake had a wrapped top and base tier and monogram initial mid tier- all finished with sugar roses on top.

Strung silver pearls wrapped around the base of each tier- which was a lovely delicate finish to the design.
After Dockside- it was off up to Mt Cootha- where I was pleasantly surprised by the glorious renovations that the Summit Restaurant has recently received! It looked magnificent! A new sleek interior fitting of any five star hotel lobby.

This variation of my Golden pearl design was later finished with fresh flowers on top.
After a quick trip home to pack the car with the next load of cakes- I was off back into the city to the River room at Southbank.
For the second cake in as many days I shared with the Northside Flower Market- this time this was a "VERY Rough palette Butter cream" finish cake. This is harder than it looks- to make the icing rough- but not too messy- many coats of icing layered onto the cake to get the final desired finish. This time I beat the Northside flower Market to the venue- which left Brendan to place the flowers onto the cake.Unfortunately I don't have an image of the completed cake yet- but can imagine Brendan would have done a fabulous job of placing the flowers over the cake.

The second last delivery of other day was to the Tattersalls club.
A three tier cake with piped icing pearls and cartoon couple standing on top!

I always freak myself out when I place such a heavy cake down onto the mirrored platter at the club- but each time it sits perfectly- creating a beautiful setting for the cake to be displayed on.

Last but not least was the BIGGEST cake for the week.
This cake is one of my favourites to recreate. It is almost the epitome of a "wedding" cake- in the traditional form.
A four tier version of the "Grandioso" design was created for Melanie and Peter. Originally Melanie had chosen a classic three tier design- but she decided after booking in her date that she wanted a real "statement" cake- and that is what she got!
With close to 140 fresh roses piled in amongst the tiers- this cake looked and smelt divine!
I only got rather poor images of the cake set up- but Melanie was kind enough to send me a wonderful Thank you- including some images taken by her guests at the reception.

This was possibly my only OK shot of the cake- thank goodness for more images!

Such stunning shots from the wedding guests- I cannot wait for the pro pics!

Here is a little excerpt of Melanie and Pete's email:
I just wanted to email you and thank you for the AMAZING cake that you made for us for our wedding.

Everyone absolutely loved it and it was the most wonderful experience walking into the reception and seeing the cake – our cake – in person after looking at pictures of it leading up to the wedding. It more then met our expectations and tasted delicious! We had so many comments from guests and it really made the whole theme (I based our white roses theme of the wedding around the cake because I loved it so much!)

So thank you again – you did a fantastic job. I have included a couple of photos below of us with your work of art!

Awwwww- this is the stuff that makes my day!
Melanie runs the fabulous new website "Brides in Brisbane" which features all you need to organise your Brisbane wedding! Check out her site for more wedding ideas.

Congratulations to all of my couples!
......and if you made it to the end- Thanks for reading


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