Tuesday, 1 December 2009

RBCH Oncolgy Siblings Day October 2009

On Friday 30th October- I was once again kindly invited to attend the Oncology departments Sibling day at the Royal Brisbane Children's Hospital.
It is such a great way to round off a hectic week- seeing the kids absolutely burst with excitement getting to go wild and create their own cupcake designs.

This time we had a group of 16 kids attend- each got their own box of baked- uniced cupcakes- and then were "let loose" with a table full of colourful sugary goodness to pile on top!

Being Halloween the very next day- my sister Kate ( who also kindly gave up her day to help me with this) decided that we should have some orange butter cream- as well as purple and chocolate. I also sent Vanilla butter cream for the purists ;))

The bright coloured butter cream was all lined up- along with the kilos of lollies and decorations we had carted to the hospital for the kids to get creative with.

Filling the boxes....

There was 3 kids who had been to my other demonstration earlier in the year- and they knew exactly what they were going to create!

Kate with some of the ward creations- including the minimalist icing one- in front- we loved it!

The Kids were fabulous at piping too- each one having a go!

After the massive Jaffa decorated cupcake in May- it was time for a bigger and better design this time. How many lollies is too many on top of a cupcake??

It was like a whirlwind of colour and creation- as the kids went like rockets into decorating their cakes and showing their individual flair!

It seemed to be all over and done with in a blink of the eye- the once well set decorating table now resembled a site where a tornado had ripped through- but all in the name of fun for sure!

The Oncology Siblings day is operated by the RBCH to teach the Siblings of children with Cancer about their Brothers/Sisters illness and also teach them coping strategies for dealing with their feelings too.
Getting the kids to have a bit of fun icing decorating- and eating cupcakes is a bonus of the day that really seems to light up their faces!

After everyone had made their own take home box we decorated cupcakes to share with the kids in the wards.
This indeed is the hardest part of the day- seeing the sick kids- in their wards. They are always so polite and even when they don't feel like a cupcake themselves- they ask so politely if it is OK to keep one for their parents.

I didn't realise just how long some of these kids are in hospital receiving treatment- some are in for years. Many a long way from home, friends and family.
The Nursing staff are also very humble- they do a great job- and were hesitant to share the cupcakes that we had made- instead wishing the cakes to be shared with the kids and their families first.

So a HUGE Thank you to Amanda and her team at the RBCH for including us again in this very special day!
Kate and I had a blast- and hopefully the cleaners managed to vacuum up every last sprinkle!

We look forward to next time for sure!

If you want to help the RBCH here are some Charities that you can donate to

Working Wonders

The Starlight Foundation

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