Monday, 30 November 2009

Countless Calories!

To round off October and begin November- I had the chance to create some cracker cakes!
Moving away from the mainly fondant iced cakes- I had mainly Butter and ganache iced cakes this week! Both icings are truly divine- but are also totally bad for you. The pure cream mixed with rich chocolate- or butter and pure icing sugar- can be whipped together to create wicked icings choc full of calories! But it is only one day- isn't it???

I had Two cakes for the Friday that week- the first a cupcake tower out at Boulevard Gardens. A twist on my regular design with the sugared rose petals- to include a fondant iced top tier and ceramic topper.

The room was set beautifully with soft pink and white- just gorgeous!

I also had my first ever cake at Mirra- in the Valley. This venue is stunning inside! When I first drove into the street I wasn't sure that I had the correct address- being a side street and all- but when I saw the gorgeous Entrance I was rest assured that this indeed was the stunning venue I had seen on the net.

The Function was a 10 year awards dinner hosted by UDIA- Urban development institute of Australia.

They had chosen a design from one of my novelty wedding cakes to mark the occasion- and from the glowing feedback I received- it went down a treat!

I also had the RBCH Oncology siblings day again on that day- but more on that in another post to come.

Then the Saturday was a big day of delivering. Beating the heat involves carefully timing when you get to venues- when not to get caught in traffic- and taking the shortest route possible to get there.
I had a chocolate creation for the Pavilion at Albion- Luscious fresh berries piled into this decadent chocolate cake!

With the white walls and the white table cloth this certainly looks like I know some tricky photoshop stuff- but it was purely how it came out form my point and shoot camera!

Nest we headed over to the Hotel Diana Plaza- where I saw my Bride- Kim- in the foyer- such a joy to see brides on their wedding day- bursting with excitement!!!

Kim and Ken had been around the world travelling and wanted their cake to reflect their travels. With a different flag for the more than 20 countries they had visited made in sugar to sit behind their cartoon- backpack wearing- toppers!

After drama the week before- I was more than on edge with this similar design- totally unnecessary- as everything went a treat!

Next was the Marriott- where I delivered this mini version of the "chocolate Mountain" design I first made last year for Carly and Dom!

This mini version is only three tiers of cake inside- but is still impressive fro sure.
Later the cake was decorated with fresh flowers to finish.

After Scooting about town it was over to Virginia Palms to set up this cake for Jacqui and Justin.
I had never met either Jacqui or Justin as everything was arranged via email.
Miranda Greer - a Photographer from around the corner from me- shot their wedding- and you can see her blog of the wedding here!

A cupcake tower with chocolate and vanilla cupcakes- with fresh white Singapore orchids dotted through!

On Sunday I had one last cake to set up at Vic Park.
A tower of butter iced individual cakes and a tall chocolate chard top tier- almost like a crown!

It was a mega hot day- but with the Air Con Cranking everything held up and looked adorable.

I feel a bit guilty as it is December tomorrow- and I have not yet started Blogging November!
I may need to take solace in some Air con and knuckle down and get my blogging up to date!
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