Friday, 1 May 2009

Lena and Brett's Wedding

Almost 2 weeks ago now- My husband and two good friends of ours- headed almost 3 hours north West of Brisbane- to my School friend Lena's Wedding.
LENA and Brett were married on Lena's Parents property in Merlwood- just outside of Murgon.
It was such a beautiful wedding. After a week of heavy rain in Brisbane- the sky was a perfect blue out at the Cuttler property for the big day.

It was my pleasure to create a cake that not only suited Lena and Brett's bush wedding theme- but also their personalities. Lena is a very down to earth kind of girl- who isn't into "pink" or "fluff". Both she and Brett had planned a wedding with a black and Ivory colour scheme, with a real "bush" element, incorporating where they both live and grew up.
The cake design not only depended upon the reception theme- but its ability to travel for 3 hours in the car too. With close to 150 guests at the reception there was going to be a fair bit of cake indeed!

I took inspiration form the table centerpieces- which were in a shiny black box filled with natives. So with this in mind- I conjured up around 7 or so designs and emailed them through to Lena and Brett for their thoughts. Lena and Brett were keen for alternating Chocolate and Ivory sugar paste- and decided on the design with the natives filling between the layers.

In April there is allot of native foliage around but the beautiful bush flowers are mostly out of season. I ordered A vareity of Leucodendrons and some gum, and then from my parents abundant garden- I sourced white Grevillia flowers and red gum nuts.
I was nervous about the design - I was concerned it would be too "fluffy" for Lena and Brett's taste ( even though they had seen a drawing prior) and I was worried that there would be too much- with all the different colours and the different leaves etc...

After the long squishy trip to Merlwood- we unpacked the cake and put it together. This style of cake takes around an hour just to stack together- and while I was stacking- Steven (my Husband)- My Best school friend Tanya- and her Husband John helped me by cutting the flowers, and also helped Lena's family with the final set up and preparations for the wedding in a few hours time.
The Reception was held in a shed on the Cuttler property- that Lena's dad- Barry- had hand concreted (using a hand mixer) especially for the reception.

The "wishing well" an old dairy can.

Lena's family moved to this property about 6 years ago after selling their Dairy farm- not far from where their new property is.
The New Cuttler property was a picture perfect venue for such a beautiful wedding.

150 white chairs sat ready for the guests to fill and watch the nuptials- which were performed by Lena's mother (Maria) who is a Civil Marriage Celebrant.
The ceremony was filled with allot of love and bought a tear or two to the eyes. The ceremony also included a song written and sung for Brett and Lena, by Lena's Brother in law.

Tanya, Lena and I at the reception.

The reception was a great party, with a Camp oven banquet followed by the Wedding cake as dessert.

A huge thank you to both Lena's parents and Family who are such wonderful warm and genuine people- who hosted a truly unforgettable wedding, and an even bigger Thank You to both Lena and Brett, for not only having me as a guest at your reception, but for allowing me to create your wedding cake for you.

What was inside you may ask????? The Chocolate iced layers wee a rich chocolate Hazelnut cake- and the other two tiers were a tier of White chocolate Mud and the top tier Fruit cake.

Congratulations Lena and Brett- may you both have many years of Friendship Laughter and Love ahead!!!!!!!!!!!
Looking forward to seeing your pro pics ;)

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