Sunday, 1 November 2009

It's a Hard Pick.....

..... to choose a favourite this week.

Each cake I did on this weekend (ending 10th October) was different from the next.
My week of weddings started early with a Thursday wedding.
The cake had a cut blossom and leaf overlay- with tiny touches of the wedding colours baby blue and chocolate mixed in.

The overlaid design was inspired by the invitation pattern- which had layers of all different sized flowers in "waves" across the paper.

Friday was also a big Wedding day- with Two Weddings.
The first cake delivered I never got a picture of- as the room was not ready to set up the cake and the florist had not arrived yet- hopefully I will get to see what the final product looked like- as the couple had chosen a three tier Square butter iced cake- that they were having a single large spray of flowers across the front- quite a contemporary style for sure.
The next cake I delivered was up to Clear Mountain for a Commitment ceremony.
This was my first commitment ceremony cake and I was excited! Paula and Michelle were nothing but lovely- and chose a bright coloured design to match in with their room set up.

It had been a while since I was last up at Clear Mountain personally- and I was blown away by their beautiful renovations. The was they have opened up the hotel takes full advantage of the Lake and gorgeous views- stunning. Definitely worth a look if you are looking for a venue that is close to Brisbane but feels like you are miles away in beautiful Mountains and Valleys.

I sent two cakes that weekend to Mt Tambourine too!
The first was what could be labeled as my most popular design. While each time it is a little different- the base design elements remain the same.

Three tiers with piped icing pearls around the base rising up the sides like bubbles. This one was having fresh roses like my "Fresh Bride" design- which were added at the venue.
The next cake I sent to Mt Tambourine was wholly organised via phone and email.
A Version of my "Simply Pretty" cake - pink in every aspect.

The sugar frangipanis and pink butterflies- with pale pink icing and piping detail- what more could a pink lover want??

I had a chance to use my new patchwork butterfly cutters again- which make the cutest tiny imprinted butterflies- I love it!

By the time Saturday came around I only had a few deliveries to go.

Starting at the Marriott with this hand painted " Invitation Print" Design. The first time I did this design I was shaking like crazy painting black onto the cake- there was no room for error- but this time i had a bit more confidence- and I think that the cake turned out just beautiful!
The original design (created back in 2008) was inspired by a butterfly reed invitation by Amity invites.
The sleek contemporary look of this design appeals to allot of my clients- and this time the design was altered to match this couples grass invitations.
The reception was in the Long room at Customs house- and for those of you who know this beautiful venue- it is a big room to fill- the high ceilings with the beautiful domes can often over power even the grandest of designs.
So delivering a cake that had no fuss but was elegantly decorated with a hand painted reed design had me a little nervous that it would be swallowed up by the grandeur of the room.

But as I entered the room and saw that the table numbers- the menus and the Seating plan all featured the same reed design- the cake fit like a glove! I received a beautiful message form the Bride the next day telling me how much she loved the cake and her guests loved how it fitted so wonderfully with the rest of the wedding decor.

I was then off to the Stamford to deliver this next - and possibly- my favourite cake for the week.
Taken in inspiration from a cake in the Wedding Star catalogue- this cake was iced in a lime/apple green with a white cut overlay- and while the overlay took a really long time to do- I enjoyed it so much- and the finished product was so worth it!

This cake had extended tiers- and the entire cake was covered in the cut vine/flower/leaf detail. Without sounding cheesy- this pattern sort of reminded me of a pair of board shorts- I think because of the bright under colour and the white overlay- but it looked great- if I do say so myself.
I also had a cake out at Woodlands of Marburg. A bright cupcake tower- but in my haste to leave the house I forgot my camera- and only got a mobile phone image- which is not even worthy of uploading seeing as though the lens on my phone camera is sugar crusted- I am sure (CarlZiess) when he designed the lens never imagined a nice crusty build up of all things sugar over it LOL!!!

Well that was another week gone. I cannot believe that we are now in November- how time flies- another year almost over.
I am too flat out to be able to celebrate Melbourne cup this week- but for those of you who are lunching have a blast! I am promising myself that next year for sure I will make time to take the whole day off!
Go horse number 17- whoever you are- this is the number I always like to choose!

Thanks for reading!

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