Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Highs and Lows......

Well- this weeks blog is about the fourth week in October- This year October blessed up with 5 Saturdays- so it was indeed a very long month!

As the tittle of the blog states- it was certainly a week of highs and lows for me. I am very appreciative of the fact that- as a general rule- my work and business runs pretty smoothly.

I have sat and contemplated the possible repercussions of what I am about to reveal- but I am honest- that is part of who I am- and this honest post is just as much about me as it is about the fabulously kind and understanding nature of my brilliant wedding couples. I take it very seriously the role that I play in my clients wedding day- it is not just a cake I am providing- it is a symbolic element of the reception- a step towards the commitment between a new Husband and wife. So after much contemplation I have decided to just tell it how it is and reveal....

.....After all these years I had my second only cake "tragedy".
To get the bad out of the way- I had a cupcake tower that was delivered- set up- and left looking pretty awesome- only to have staff ring me after I had left to let me know that the toppers had "come off" the cake. With my heart racing a million miles and hour- as this was now around 4.30pm on the Saturday afternoon- guests arriving in an hour- I raced back to the venue and saw the tragedy!!!!!! I am totally perplexed how a set of toppers pinned into a cake could have "jumped off"- but there they were- broken and battered!!!! My heart was racing- my anxiety levels at an all time high- fighting back the tears- I did what I could to restore the toppers to the once perfect state they were in. I was doubly disappointed as the toppers were made at short notice in a funky pose- and I had looked forward to surprising the Bride and Groom with the posed toppers they had wished for.

With my heart in my mouth- and an overwhelming felling of nauseousness- I left the boat and the "repaired" toppers.

All I can say is how wonderful the Couple were- and how understanding of my predicament when I explained to them what had happened after their wedding. I demand perfection from myself and whist I attempted to rectify the damage on the day- it still wasn't good enough for me. Candice and Chris were nothing but fabulous- and I am glad that I at least have a picture of the toppers before they came to their demise.

I am delighted to say that the cupcakes themselves were a massive hit and enjoyed by their guests.

Onto happier times of the week- and boy were there many of those!
I had a lady contact me back at the beginning of the year inquiring about a cake for her Son's 21st Birthday. An avid soccer player and fan- she had me create a personalised topper and cake for his 21st Birthday up in FNQ. She flew down to Brisbane and collected the cake and returned to Townsville with the cake- a long way for a birthday cake indeed!

The cake had wired decorations the included all of her son's favouite things- Soccer balls- Coronas- Poker chips- even sheep dog faces- as the family grew up with the Old English sheep dogs!

I had allot of purple themes this month- and this week there was two- firstly an individual cake tower with purple banded cakes- two styles of decorations- and the top tier had strung crystals and monogram initials!

The next had a band of purple and black ribbon- with simple piped heart decorations around the sides.

Cakes get sent far and wide each week with me- so sending a cake to Stradbroke is an easy task indeed!
This cake was all organised via email and through a wedding planner- Genni Farmer from Blissful Weddings.

Three tiers with a vertical palette royal icing overlay and sugar Arum lilies- beautiful!

I had a stunning Fresh flower stack cake to assemble at Vic Park that weekend too! The fresh roses were supplied by the couples florist- then I stacked it all together at the venue.

A double layer of the Antique roses with the Ivory cake was simply delicious! Having the exposed boards under each layer helps "neaten" the effect of the roses when the tiers have a 3" diameter size difference.

I had a wrap design for Sirrromet that weekend too.

After I delivered the cake the florist added fresh flowers to cover the top tier and complete the design.

Now last but not least is an absolutely stunning cake that I L O V E LOVE!!!!! Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous- love it to pieces- are you getting my drift??
I seriously took so many pictures of this cake- it was just the epitome of class and elegance!

Black and white is all in fashion at the moment- it exudes style and grace- and together with and equally stylish cake design you have a ripper room setting!
This wedding was held at Hillstone in the Grand View room. Piped icing pearls diagonally over each tier with black satin bow detail!

Did I mention how much I adore this cake??

Despite the drama- I hope you have been able to enjoy the cakes I posted this week
Thanks for reading!


Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah Jane:
I can only imagine how you felt
I sometimes feel sick when I get some problems with my cakes and they are only for friends and family.
But I guess you have the pictures to proved of your wonderful quality and work commitment.
Hope you have recover.
keep the good work

Rachel (rachescakes) said...

Sorry about your mishap, I am glad the couple was so understanding.

Your cakes are lovely as always.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your cake drama this week but your worry, care, committment and dedication in the face of mishaps should make all your couples feel like they are in extremely safe hands! I bet it looked fine and tasted delicious anyway :)