Monday, 6 April 2009

Where has 2009 gone??

Seriously? I know I have been in my "wedding season" bubble- but it is April! Already!
WOW! My weeks seem to meld into one another lately- with Sunday wedding deliveries- I have half a day of no cakes- then it it back into it on Monday.

Time has flown by, and Easter is almost here.

Last week (ending 29/03/09) was another of simply stunning cake choices by my clients.

This first cake was for a wedding down at Burleigh heads. It was for my best friends sisters best friends wedding. Brisbane is seriously so interconnected- you are sure to know someone through someone when making a cake!

Dominique chose this design from a magazine and it was just gorgeous- I wish I knew who made it in the first place. Dominique has her own Boutique invitation business - Invitique- so for all of you out there looking for stunning invitations and papers check Invitique out.

Please excuse my poor photos lately... with the rainy weather the lighting is not very good for my point and shoot digital camera- along with me hating a flash photo...

Anyway- this cake was three tiers of chocolate lovers delight! Angle top chocolate chards with dark chocolate scrolls, chocolate ribbons and a touch of bling to finish things off. Almost too good to want to cut.

I had a late edition to the line up of cakes for last weekend. A Tiffany box engagement cake.

This newly engaged Bride to be wasn't jumping on the "Tiffany fashion" bandwagon- she was indeed a lucky recipient of a stunning Tiffany engagement ring! Just gorgeous indeed.
Filled with White chocolate and Raspberry Mud- the "bow" was pearlised to give a satin sheen.

I had another "connected" cake last weekend too. This Four tier beauty was for Kristi and Steven. Kristi was a Bridesmaid at a good friend of ours wedding back in 2007- now it was her turn to be the bride.

Criss cross Royal icing and silver cachous were randomly piped over the tiers. Piped icing pearls around the base of each tier too.

A cartoon couple also stood on top of this cake- but seeing as though they couldn't be attached until the cake was on the table at the venue- I had to be content with an image of the cake without the toppers for now.

I am really lucky to get to work with some great fellow wedding vendors on a regular basis. For no less than 3 weeks in a row I have had the pleasure of finishing cakes with the fabulous Karen from Bliss Floral design.
Another butter iced stunner- complete with bridal bouquet blooms to decorate.

No matter where I stood I could not get a great picture of this next cake. The curtains were drawn in the reception room- which meant that I was almost blinded by the light from behind the cake- resulting in blown out shots- here's hoping the couples Photographer captured a stunning pic ;)
Each tier was separated by a vase- filled with fresh tulips. A theme of chocolate and Pearls ( the brides favourite) were carried through to the cake design. This cake actually had me in a bit of a spin- I had found some vases for the "pillars" but when I was practise putting the cake together on the Friday- they were just that bit too tall- so after a quick call to another supplier- I had two shorter vases- perfect! I also added ribbon and pearls to the base of the vases to tie the cake together.

This next cake although simple in looks has elegance and style.
Long white chocolate chards smooth and level- with a white satin ribbon and a Diamonte heart buckle through the middle of each tier.

I had some other fab cakes for last weekend- one really cool mad hatter- which was having Bird of Paradise and bamboo to decorate- but I didn't get to see it finished so I (unfortunately) don't have a piccie yet.

Marbled chards seem to have made an impression- this cake design was changed from white chocolate to the marbled chards after seeing the marbled design from early March. Perhaps it is a new fashion for chocoholics!

I am hoping to publish this weeks cakes sometime this week- fingers crossed before Easter.


Anonymous said...

WOW WOW WOW. How do you get the vases to hold up the cake without it sinking into the icing?

Sarah-Jane said...

The Vases have support pillars under them.