Monday, 20 April 2009

Rose's 100th Birthday

It was about family this past Easter weekend.
With my huge family over for Breakfast on Sunday- then Dinner with more of them that evening, it seemed only natural that Monday would entail further family affairs.

100 Years ago- on the 13th April 1909- Rose (my Husbands Paternal Grandmother) was born.

We celebrated her birthday at her nursing home- where she resides. More than 50 people attended to wish Rose a very happy 100th birthday.
Surrounded by family and friends- we were able to look back through photo's and hear stories of her life raising her four boys after her Husband past away in the Second World War. I got to see images of her award winning Gardens- which she dominated form the 1960's through to the 1980's and even cute pictures of my Husband- and my brother and sister in Law when they were little kid's at their Nana's.
Rose wasn't for all of the fuss, but she enjoyed seeing everyone and their well wishes.
Letters from the Queen, Governor General, PM, Premier and state and local Members of Parliament were on display- honouring the fabulous achievements of her life and her 100th Birthday.

It was my pleasure to create a cake for Rose's 100th Birthday.
With all the wet weather I had to make some last minute changes to the design. Keeping to the brief of simple and elegant- I made this two tier white iced cake- with piped icing pearls that scalloped along the top edge. Ivory sugar roses dusted a touch of pink in the centre to finish.

It is not everyday you get to meet- let alone be related to someone -who has lived for 100 years. In her life time Rose has seen more changes in industry, infrastructure and technology- than ANY other generation before her.

A very happy 100th Birthday to you!


Sharnel said...

Absolutely gorgeous SJ. And perfect to celebrate her 100th birthday!

Sarah-Jane said...

Thanks Sharnel- it was a pleasure to be able to make it.
I don't gather i will ever get to make another family members 100th Birthday cake in my lifetime.