Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Happy Birthday Jess and Immy!

Two of my cousins (both sisters) are born exactly 5 years and 364 days apart- so they have a birthday one day after the other.
This year Immy (Imogen) turned 18! So of course she needed a cake! So if one was getting an SJ cake- then so should the other- so Jess too scored a cake! both designs were totally up to me.
Imogen works for Donut King- she LOVES donuts, so I made her a Donut cake! Complete with a mini Immy it was cute indeed!

Jessica's cake was a hat box/present style cake. Pretty and pink.

Making these cakes capped of a week of 13 cakes finished in total! Lucky for some, totally wiped out tired for me! I was asleep at 7pm on Friday night, and Sunday was spent sleeping too!

Saturday night was when we celebrated the girls birthdays.
I won't mention the restaurant, as seriously I would not go there again. It was less than average- but we did make our own fun.
Here is Imogen with her cake:

And Jess Blowing out her Sparkler!

It was a real family affair, so all of the grand daughters had to get a picture with Nana!

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