Monday, 23 March 2009

Baking, decorating, eating sleeping dreaming..........

This wedding season I have been blessed to be totally flat out!

Every moment lately has had something to do with a cake, be it baking one through to delivering it- and thinking about it in between! I love my job- I have fabulous clients picking awesome cakes, that not only keep me busy- they help me to better appreciate retail therapy- when I can squeeze it in! LOL!

So apart from missing out on some serious bargains at Myer- I have been trotting all over SEQ delivering some really great cakes.
Last Saturday (14/03/09) was an early start for us ( me and my Husband Steve) as we headed off first to Maleny Manor to deliver this three tier Butter iced design.
Dressed with green Singapore Orchids and dodder vine by the couples florist it was a simple design turned contemporary masterpiece.

I have already had some great feed back from Annalene about how both she , her husband Matt and their guests really loved the cake!Thank you so so much for the beautiful picture- I hope you both have a fabulous Honeymoon!
The view form Maleny Manor is spectacular- and it seemed a shame to have to jump straight back into the car and return to Brisbane to finish the other deliveries.
On my way back from Brisbane I arrange to meet the Wonderful Karen from Bliss floral to put together my next cake. So off I went to Hillstone- where yet another blank canvas was transformed into a stunning wedding cake with the addition of these gorgeous fresh blooms.

Although the beauty for this design rests in the blooms- The cake inside has got to match it for sure. That is why I provide a choice of more than 20 standard flavours to choose from- and am willing to make virtually any flavour- provided it can withstand the decorating.

After forewarning from Karen about the St Paddy's day parade road closures- we headed to Customs House to set up this next cupcake tower!

The hand made sugar rose petals were matched to the Bridesmaids gowns with the alternate iced cupcakes in a slightly darker "latte" shade. The antique inspired blooms for the top finished off the design. I love the 6 tier cupcake stand- the added tier has that extra element of grandeur.

The next wedding was at the Stamford Plaza- My old hotel.
I love returning to the hotel, seeing familiar faces and just being really comfortable in the surroundings.
This cake was a "tilted" design- so unlike a traditional Mad hatter- where each tier is carved- each tier in this design is rested on wedges, and the gaps filled in with fresh blooms.

A soft palette icing finish, and butterflies completed the design.

Then it was time to go to the restaurant where I had my own wedding reception- Joseph Alexanders. Not time for reflection here- as not only was it a busy high tea/lunch service- but I too was on a deadline.
This cake is one I first made back in 2006- and has become one of my very popular designs.

The brush embroidery mimics the bridal lace, and the green ribbon and pearls compliment the vintage theme.

Then we headed east for the last couple of drop offs- out in the Redlands.
I made it to the Redland bay golf club JUST as the first guests were arriving for the ceremony. Although not technically a bad thing- I like to be at the venue and gone well before anyone might poke their head into the reception room- even if the reception isn't due to begin for 3 or 4 more hours.
The flowers were provided by the clients to match in with the bouquets.

This cake weighed a tonne- with a 12" square fruit cake base and Mud cake top tiers- it was almost a 2 person lift!

Last but not least in this little blog is the cupcakes for Sirromet!

I LOVE Sirromet- the room is always cool- the staff friendly and accommodating, but somehow I never seem to time my delivery so that I can enjoy lunch there- maybe this is something I need to think more carefully about, instead of just calculating where I have to be and by when... for sure a little bit of the delivering can be about me- cant it??

So that was last weekend, the weekend just gone still has me wiped out- BUT fingers crossed I aim to have a little story up here for you all to read by Thursday.... After all the week just gone has been my bigges EVER!!
Thanks for reading!


Plain Jane said...

Your cakes are amazing! You go, Girl!

Charles said...

I just luv that cupcake cake, very original, absolutely great.