Friday, 13 March 2009

Paying it Forward..........

I have allot of people to thank for having the success I do.
What started as a dream has snowballed into a huge reality for me- from a girl who simply loved to make cakes, to a full time business operator, with a wonderful network of clients and industry colleagues.

I knew where I wanted to go when "Cake That!" was born, and with my tenacity and determination, coupled with support and referrals from Family, Friends, Clients and not to mention all of the wonderful Wedding industry suppliers along the way, I have been able to live my dream everyday.

Coming form a background as a Chef- meant that Marketing was not my forte, but with allot of my own research, I found my feet and built a reputation. In doing this I have met and made some invaluable contacts, who each in their own way, have contributed to my success. Like the fellow industry suppliers who helped me launch "Cake That!", I feel fabulous being able to now be able help other "newbies" in the industry.

Approaching like businesses is a rather nerve racking experience- you are putting yourself out there, and hoping that what you have to offer impresses them, and helps get business referred your way. When I first began I had wonderful help and Support form Colleen Helleuer from Looks So Natural. She was kind enough to distribute my cards and refer clients to me, and still does to this day.
The Team at Bridal Couture in the city allowed me to create cakes for their season launches and also passed on my name to their clients.
Then I started working with some fabulous florists, including the wonderful Karen from Bliss Floral, Jennine from Florabella and Glenda Pradella from Glenda Pradella flowers- to name but a few. Together we referred each other and have done some fantastic weddings together.
Then I started hearing about the formidable Toni Snell through my clients, then a close friend used her for their wedding, and from there I have been overwhelmed by the fabulous support and client referrals I have been given by Toni.

I have met the vivacious Anne Campbell, purely by chance at last years ABIA awards and have since been engrossed by her warmth and genuine friendship.
I have made many great relationships with venues I have supplied to, all of which has made "Cake That!" what it has become today.
More recently I have been able to refer clients to Cherisse of Cherisse Make up artistry, and with her fabulous attention to detail and friendly service, her business is growing in leaps and bounds.

Last week I received an email from a Wedding industry "Newbie" asking if I would consider swapping cards and perhaps referring some people her way.
So now I get the chance to "pay it forward" and use the success I have gained to help her on her way.
So shortly I will add another Fellow Industry Industry supplier to my list of helpful links on my webpage.
But for now here are her details:
Miranda Greer- Photographer.
Miranda literally lives around the corner from me. She kindly bought over a bottle of wine the other night and introduced herself and her business to me. I feel great to be able to help such a passionate and friendly person in this industry.
The Confidence in knowing that you can send your clients to other great vendors, and that they will exceed my clients expectations is priceless.
The above are just a few of the amazing and talented suppliers I refer to. Having such a wonderful network of industry friends really makes this job that little bit more special.

Thanks for listening to me waffle on- but I really appreciate all the supplier I work with!
Thanks Guys!


Sarah-Jane said...

Woops- that was going to be a short post.

Relznik said...

SJ - this is such a lovely post. I think your customers and industry colleagues can see not only how talented you are, but what a genuinely lovely person, too.