Sunday, 4 January 2009

Welcome 2009!!

I hope you all had a fabulous Xmas and a Spectacular New Years!
I am now back into the swing of cakes for 2009.

My first cake for the year was for a repeat client. To be honest- I was going to have another week off- but seeing as this cake came through- I decided to come back a week early. This family is super organised. Booking the birthday cake in more than 6 months ago.
The cake was themed around the birthday boys love of Shrek.

A sculptured Shrek face on a "Wood" look board was on order.
To make the wood board I iced the board and then marked the wood grain in and left it to dry for a few days. Once dry I ( well actually my mum- Thanks Mum!) painted the board with food dye to make the wood effect!

It looked awesome ( if I do say so myself!) - but onto the cake. Carved from an 11" round cake- I sculptured the face and then coated it in ganache before icing.

I had both a printed picture and a "shrek" doll to look at whilst working. The Shrek doll spoke- and scared the bejeezers out of both me and my mum when he suddenly let out a phrase without being touched!

Matching up the colouring to a "Shrek" green came down to compromise- as the doll and the image ( and the DVD) were all different shades of green. As the doll was more on the yellow side- I went with a colour closest to the image.

The cake was then Iced in the green and molded to the face. "Shrek" lettering for the birthday message- and it was complete.
I delivered the cake yesterday morning- and got to see Jai's excited expression when he saw Shrek! I hope he had a great 2nd Birthday!

It seems that the "Mummy" cake is still a favourite design for my wedding couples. I started the New year with a version of this design.

Lemon/yellow sugar rose petals across the design- instead of fresh rose petals made a pretty change.

I also had a stunning Ivory and Black design this weekend. Decorated with rows of hat elastic and a quilted mid tier- with piped black pearls at each cross point.

The bride is taller than the groom- so instead of having the toppers standing on the top- they sat on the edge of the top tier.
Very Cute indeed.

I have been inundated with requests for consultations and have only limited spaces available both this coming week and next.
I still have openings in January for the week ending the 25th and the 31st- so if you are after a cake for then please inquire.
Remember that I do take bookings up to 11months in advance so if your wedding in in that time frame don't be afraid to come and see me- it is never to early!


Cake Fixation said...

Gorgeous cakes!! I love how you did the wood board.

Rachel said...

Shrek turned out so neat.

For your mummy cakes, do you use fondant or buttercream icing?

I attempted to make a similar design today using buttercream and a large rose tip. It turned out OK, but I couldn't seem to make it as seamless as your cake. I know you have much more experience than me, so that may have been my issue.

Thanks in advance! Your cakes always inspired me.

Sarah-Jane said...

HI Rachel!
I use Rolled fondant- not butter cream. It is the greatest stuff to use as you can d so much with it!
Have a go with Fondant!

Bridezilla said...

Hi There,

Thanks for posting your blog on the bsguk website. I LOVE your cakes. I spent hours looking through all your posts last night!!

Can't wait to see what you make this year.

Hailinguk x