Thursday, 29 January 2009

Steve's Birthday!

Last week was Steve's Birthday!
I didn't get the chance to bake a cake for him- as we were away up at Coolum.
I found a fabulous patisserie- Jonathon M Patisserie- on my 7am morning walk on his birthday morning- looking for anything that vaguely resembled a cake- not only did I find an awesome shop- they had this cute little 5" cake all ready to buy!
So off I trotted to the hotel to surprise Steve- he was pleasantly surprised!

He still looks asleep!

Buying the cake in a whim meant I didn't even bother to ask what was inside- so when we got home later that morning to discover that the cake was actually mousse- whoops!!!! A but of refrigeration to reset it- and Steve still loved it!

Later that night we went to dinner at our Local Thai place- Thai Chada- which has the most awesoem tHai- but anyway- my sister Alex Suprised steve with astrawberry sponge she had whipped up! Double birthday cake- lucky Steve! !

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