Wednesday, 14 January 2009

New Year New Cakes...................

I thought I would slowly meander into 2009- but instead I have jumped in feet first!

The Weather (so far) has been kind- and whilst unaffected in my temperature controlled cake room-I have been making sure that deliveries are just as hassle free too!
You will get Cake decorators who wouldn't make a butter iced cake in the middle of a Queensland summer for all the money in the world- but I believe if you do it right- there shouldn't be an issue!
I had this gorgeous two tier cake - that is Iced in white chocolate butter cream- last Saturday. Delivered smack bang at Midday- not a drop of melted icing in sight!

Taking care of the cake is my utmost priority- and making sure that it is cared for once I deliver it too!
This cake was simply decorated with some fabulous silk orchids.

The Next cake was for an 80th Birthday during the week.

To me this design oozes "Nana". A Sugar rose spray and inscription- decorated this layered vanilla cake! I added some glitz with a circular diamante buckle in the middle of the bow. A bit of sparkle makes the cake that bit more girly to me!
Here's hoping Sheila had a fabulous birthday!

On Saturday I was back again at the Stamford- setting up another fresh flower stacked cake. I had my Mum and Sister Support team with me- to cut and pass the flowers while I filled the layers.
Making the layers the correct height to fit the flowers is important.
Each flower is places into its block one at a time- slowly building until the layers are filled.

In the end this cake always looks so elegant.

The cake itself was banded with cream and chocolate ribbons- and strung pearls to complete the theme.

I had my first Sunday cake for the year too!
This cake with strung pearls winding around each tiers was a learning curve for sure!
I had in my mind how long I thought it would take to string all of the pearls ( randomly- even harder again) but in reality after over 5 hours stringing pearls- I was well and truly ready for a break. Proving what looks simple doesn't always end up that way!

The end result was worth it though.
Such a pretty design.

I had another cake sent to Toowoomba for Melanie and Tarrants wedding! Melanie booked me very early last year- as she had been kindly recommended to me by her Photographer Toni Snell.

A three tier chocolate creation that was completed with fresh flowers.
The cake was transported by Tarrant's parents up to Toowoomba for their reception- so unfortunately I didn't get to see the cake complete.

There seems to be a bit of a rush on for consultations at the moment. In a "normal" week I would see around 6-8 clients- but every week this month I have so far seen no less than 15! Talking cake face to face for no less than 15 hours in a week is amazing!
I have booked some fabulous designs for the year ahead- and look forward to sharing them with you in 2009!


Bridezilla said...

The pearl cake is just so stunning! I absolutely love it! Are they real beads or sugarpaste?

Hailinguk x

Toni Snell said...

Hey SJ! I had no idea that Tarrant & Mel's cake was yours!!

Dad and I were at the reception, and we were tucking into the cake for dessert, and I remember making the comment that "the meal was so good, and this cake is AWESOME...but the chef can't take credit for that, cause they didn't make the cake"....

It was absolutely devine!!