Friday, 13 July 2007

Testing Strength!

This week is my last week of cake making for two whole weeks!! My husband and I are off on a holiday for the first time in 2 1/2 years!!
This week I have been challenged and my strength- emotional and Physical- has been tested! I have had two cakes this week- whose end result- justifies all the challenges.
The first pictured cake is of one of over 100 individual box cakes that I made today! There were two designs for the tower- white or teal blue- both with sugar bows and ribbons. With this large amount to do- I called in my back up support- my Mum and Sister- who helped out where they could. My sister (Alex) mixed the wonderful teal colour for the icing ( it took 5kg of icing for these little cakes!!) and my mum was on the fine task of making the bows!- I iced and painted the cakes- with an edible silver lustre- and the end result is too cute! My mum will also have the task of setting the cakes up for display too! I can't wait to see a finished picture!

This next designs beauty- more than makes up for the 5 1/2 hours of patiently applying each individual silver cachous in place. I thought I was going blind!! only joking!! I used around 400g of cachous on this cake- of which I am sure I vacuumed up at least 50g!!! In the end this large scale three tier design weighs in at over 20kg! A whopper! I had to use all my muscles to lift this one!

So this week I am signing off for now! Back in August with some fabulous designs ahead!
'Til then- Happy Baking!!


Ebe said...

You have really beautiful cakes. Great and marvellous work.

What can I get fixated on next??!! said...

You are such a beautiful baker. I love you site and have it bookmarked just to look at the pictures!! I wish I lived in London!!!

What can I get fixated on next??!! said...

Oops I mean I wished I lived in Austrailia. I actually have always wanted to travel there.

Sarah-Jane said...

Ok- so this is how internet savvy I am- I only just realised that you wonderful people were leaving great comments!
Thank you!
It is so much fun being able to share my stories with everyone!
I am glad you enjoy them!