Sunday, 24 June 2007

Third time in as many months!

Well for the third time in as many months- I am lucky enough to have my clients featured in the Sunday Mail- as the feature wedding couple.
The couple- Jade and Troy- were married yesterday- and celebrated their union with a wicked chocolate creation! As I was setting up the cake yesterday- the groom was at the venue- having just finished a round of golf with his Groomsmen- and let me in on the secret! He was also so excited that the cake looked "exactly like the picture"! Of course- I told him! He was remarkably casual for a man due to be married in a mere couple of hours! So when I opened the paper today- there they were in all their wedding glory- with a little picture of the cake I made for them!!

This week I have once again been blessed with a truly diverse range of cakes!
I even created a "Salvador Dali's Melting Clock" cupcake design for one couple.
The main clock itself was a delicate sugar piece- that I had my mum transport on her lap to the venue- so it arrived safely!
Mini melting clocks were also scattered throughout the design- that had 5 different flavours- including a Gluten and Lactose free Dark chocolate almond and raspberry cupcakes- which if I do say so myself- were divine!

Then there was a fabulous Tiffany themed 21st which had tiffany blue cupcakes- and cute white sugar hearts! The room looked so gorgeous- everything in a "tiffany" theme.

Once again this weekend meant a trip up to Maleny for my fantastic husband to deliver a cake for me! Whilst I was meeting with clients and setting up the other cakes for the weekend!
These last two pictures are included because I love the photos! I am constantly surprising myself at my photographic artistry!!
Each week I am torn between my favourite cake- but this week I can't choose- I love them all!

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